Chantel Follows Pedro To The Dominican Republic & Receives A Cold Welcome: ‘I’m Disappointed That She’s Coming!’

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On Sunday’s all-new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Chantel Everett follows Pedro Jimeno all the way to the Dominican Republic to try and salvage her marriage.

As fans know, Pedro bought a one-way ticket to the DR — with plans to start a business with his mother and sister but was caught dirty dancing with a mystery woman in a recent episode.

In the clip below, she’s greeted with a frosty reception at the airport. 

“I feel so disappointed because we talk about this one, and I telling her that I need my own time in the Dominican Republic and with my friend, with my family. And she say, ‘No.’ She say only, ‘I gonna come there,'” Pedro says in the exclusive preview.

In a talking head confessional, Pedro describes his current disdain for Chantel versus when their green card romance first started.

“In the beginning, Chantel and me, I say, ‘I have the perfect woman in the world. I feel like heaven.’ But now it’s so different. But, even though I’m disappointed with Chantel, that she coming, I want her to know that I love her anyways,” Pedro says.

Pedro Jimeno

Chantel’s parents don’t support her decision to follow Pedro to the Caribbean in light of his shady actions.

“My parents think that it’s a bad idea for me to follow Pedro because Pedro’s family is not on good terms with me,” Chantel says. But with all of his plans for a mysterious business and the way divorce was being hurled around, Chantel isn’t just going to let life happen to her. “Now I’m feeling like I really need to go there and find out for myself what’s going on,” she says.”

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