Reza Farahan & MJ at War: MJ’s Husband Threatens to Kill Reza & Vandalizes His Home — Reza Gets Restraining Order!

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Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid are at war and MJ’s husband, Tommy Feight, took their feud to criminal levels by threatening to kill Reza and vandalizing his home — prompting Reza to get a restraining order. 

The Shahs of Sunset star says Tommy vandalized his home, and the incident was captured on home security cameras. Watch below.

According to the restraining order, Tommy Feight, called Reza and “threatened my life by phone and at 2:34 pm he vandalized our home,” on Sunday, May 19, reports the blast

Reza Farahan says Tommy threatened to kill him, and the reality star obtained video of Mercedes’ husband allegedly “holding a bat” when he showed up at the home.

According to Reza, the fight with MJ started after production stopped filming her over a salary dispute, so MJ manufactured drama between herself, Reza and his husband Adam, to save her job. Allegedly, MJ started spreading a rumor that Reza’s husband, Adam cheated and committed sexual harassment. Reza posted the following video on social media to explain his side of the feud. Press play to watch.


What set Tommy off is Reza posting private text messages from MJ that contained personal medical information about MJ’s difficult birth in April. After Reza released the text messages, Tommy snapped, phoned Reza and threatened his life.


The messages continue.



Reza Farahan, who refers to Tommy as a “low-class thug,” filed a police report after Tommy’s phone threat and vandalism. The judge agreed and granted Reza with a temporary restraining order. Tommy has to keep 100 yards away from Reza and Adam.



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