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RECAP: Kody Brown and ‘Sister Wives’ Bust Meri for Utah Escape Plan On Tell-All Finale!

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The cast of Sister Wives officially wrapped the season Sunday night, delivering one last parting gasp in Part 2 of TLC’s Tell All Special.   

The sendoff picks up with a rehash of Meri Brown’s ongoing wishy-washiness toward hanging in there with Kody Brown and the gals. Meri points out that she bleated she would staaaaay over and over, even while fighting to secure a second home in Utah. Robyn remarks that Meri’s ongoing cul-de-sac cringe was obvious, and Kody reminds them all that purchasing the Parowan inn was not only a likely escape hatch, but a lame investment. The drive-by drama between Christine and Meri is rewound, and Christine admits that their relationship has not improved. Kody claims proud credit for being the duo’s common reason for contention, and Robyn interjects rambling commentary about the Brown “team” dynamic that will drag them miserably into the hereafter.   

The older Brown kids and their spouses weigh in on the season, and Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding is given another shout-out. Tony proclaims that he loves that Brown women are assertive, because he’s growing out of all potential driver seats anyway. Mariah declares (again) that Meri’s spin on the catfish victim wheel was annoying, and adds that their mother/daughter relationship is just eh. Mariah and Audrey tell their engagement story.

Maddie and Caleb announce a pregnancy (they’re having a girl), and a move to a place far far away from Flagstaff, Arizona — North Carolina.    

In other news:

Living in a plural marriage can be terrifying, especially for the first twenty years.

Men who hunt wives are considered losers in the Brown universe, but wives who hunt wives for their husbands are considered cult winners.

The Brown family would not recommend plural marriage to anyone — just in case their dozen seasons on TV haven’t sufficiently horrified the viewing audience. 

Robyn doesn’t care at all about being the only legal wife, but Meri feels like a mock divorced failure, after being kicked out of Kody’s top spot. 

Therapist Nancy is given kudos for keeping the clan together — by continually ordering them to cut the crap.

The family shares some flashback giggles and Kody festively flips his kilt one last time, before the cast of Sister Wives bids adieu to Season 13.

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