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Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Slam Robyn Brown for Masterminding Brown Family Move!

Sister Wives

Kody Brown will unveil his strategic one-house plan on this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives — and fans are calling foul.

Kody met with a drafter and revealed his master house plan on last week’s episode, which included square footage allocations for each of his four “wives.” Kody granted Meri Brown a modest living space, supposedly due to her empty nest status, but it was his plan for Robyn Brown that triggered outspoken Sister Wives fans.

Viewers sounded off about Kody’s lopsided design — and slammed his evident favoritism. Fans also accused Robyn of being in on Kody’s covert plot to herd the wives into one dwelling.

The group’s land purchase and future living arrangement are only parts of a much larger story—Kody’s decision to move the clan to Flagstaff, Arizona. After the relocation decision was made, Robyn casually revealed that her son, Dayton Brown, was headed to college in Flagstaff—a supposed happy coincidence. Longtime viewers immediately smelled a rat, and have been blasting Robyn for being behind the family upheaval.   

Watch Kody squirm through his fortress presentation on Sister Wives, Sunday night at 8 pm, ET, on TLC.


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