Jason Hoppy Makes Fun of Bethenny Frankel’s Jewish Faith Amid Bitter Custody Battle!

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy appeared in court Monday to continue their contentious custody battle over their daughter, Bryn.

Jason Hoppy was in the hot seat when Bethenny’s lawyer read a series of texts he sent to the Real Housewives of New York star insulting her newly rediscovered Jewish faith. The text sent by Jason read:

“‘Is everything okay? You seem very upset. And oh yeah, happy holidays.’”

Bethenny’s lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, then asked.

“You were mocking her for celebrating the Jewish holidays, weren’t you?” 

Jason responded, “I believe so.” He added, “I have no bad feelings toward any religion. I have many Jewish friends,” Jason Hoppy said while testifying in Manhattan Civil Court.

The Skinnygirl mogul burst into laughter at Jason’s testimony.

In the same text exchange, Bethenny wrote to Jason: “Leave us alone. It’s a holiday weekend, we’re trying to enjoy it with family and friends.” 

Jason responded with, “Holiday? That’s hysterical.”

In another text, he wrote, “Apparently you’re now Jewish,” with a laughing emoji.

Jason explained his response as “snarky” to Bethenny’s attorney.

Bethenny’s dad was Jewish, and her mom converted to the religion.

Frankel is going after full custody of Bryn.

Allan Mayefsky read an email from Jason following their original custody agreement in 2014:

“You’re a sad, miserable, bitter, and unhappy person to not let me see my daughter, and I’ll pray for you. You’re exactly like your mother.”

The attorney then asked, “Did you think that would be a welcome communication?”

“I take full responsibility looking back,” Hoppy replied — then turned to his ex-wife, and said: “I apologize for writing that to you.”

Mayefsky said, “Well, I think we’re gonna have a lot of that today”

The reality star’s attorney continued to hammer Jason Hoppy with more damning emails that he sent to his ex: “bitter, unhappy, and miserable” and accusing her of trying to create an “attention seeking moment for social media” by buying Bryn two puppies, Mayefsky read in court.

“It was a childish comment that I regret sending,” Jason said about the puppy message.

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