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Dorit Kemsley Abuses Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump to Dishonor $5K Contract With Vanderpump Dogs — Twitter Sounds Off!

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Dorit Kemsley

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has only just begun — but Dorit Kemsley  is already in the hot seat!

Dorit Kemsley and husband, PK, are being put on blast for mishandling a dog adoption — the pet debacle featured on the premiere episode. Dorit re-homed a dog adopted from Vanderpump Dogs against a signed contract — the agreement specifying a $5k non-compliance penalty. The contract requires adopters to return unwanted pups back to Vanderpump Dogs — the condition a typical standard for animal rescue shelters. 

On last week’s episode, PK cited Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit’s “best friend” status, when Lisa pointed out the fine, outlined in the contract.

On Friday, Lisa Vanderpump confirmed on Twitter that the Kemsleys never coughed up the cash — and fans are calling foul.

Viewers weighed in on Lisa’s reveal — and dissed Dorit and PK for dodging the fee. 

Do you believe that Dorit Kemsley and PK will be held accountable for the doggie disaster? Should the Kemsleys honor the agreement and pay up?

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