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VIDEO: ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Stuns Wives By Announcing He Wants To Run For Office In Utah!

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Kody Brown is ready to change the world!

The Sister Wives patriarch wants to escape Las Vegas to run for office in Utah — but not all of the sister wives are ready to pack up and hit the campaign trail. In a TLC preview clip, Kody drops the relocation bomb on the ladies — and receives mixed reviews.

“I figure if I can go and run for office there, I might be able to change the world. Or our world,” Kody says. “And this is the reason that I really want to go to Utah, let me just say it. I want to run, I want to change the law. If I can’t bully the people in the legislature by getting into the legislature than what can I do?”

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Kody’s passionate public office pitch throws the ladies for a loop. Meri votes no while Christine stifles a giggle, after Kody’s big reveal.   

“This is the first that I’m hearing that he wants to run for office in Utah. Like, that would mean that we have to move back to Utah,” Meri says. “Since the whole political thing and the law change and everything, I have no desire at all to go back to Utah.”

Janelle Brown voices her objection to uprooting the children, and adds that she will sacrifice anything for the stability of the kids.

“I’m really at the point where I almost don’t care if I lose money if it means that I keep my kids sane,” Janelle says. “I would sacrifice equity in equity to keep my kids on this steady path that they’re on. Especially Gwen, Gabe and Aurora—the triplets that are going to be juniors next year. Why would we move them?”

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