Jeff Lewis Accuses Ex Gage Edward of Cheating With A ‘Homewrecker’ For A Long Time!

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Jeff Lewis claims his ex, Gage Edward, went on a date with a “homewrecker,” days after moving out of their family home. 

As reported, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward have called it quits after a decade together.

“We’ve been getting along pretty well — until I found out that he went out on a date on Saturday night,” Jeff told his listeners on Tuesday’s “Jeff Lewis Live.” “So that, number one, is a big f*cking misstep.”

The Flipping Out star revealed to his listeners that Gage went on a date with a man (he also knows) at celebrity hot spot Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Jeff believes the restaurant choice was intentional. 

“I asked him — he started therapy on Wednesday — and I asked him, ‘Well, what does your therapist think about your date?’ And the therapist said that it’s good for him to information gather,” Jeff said. “What I wonder is if he was honest with the therapist and explained the history with this person, because I know who this person is.”

According to Jeff, he uncovered this info through some “information gathering” of his own, but did not expose the man’s identity. 

“I will not say his name, but I think just for today, we’re gonna call him Homewrecker,” he said, explaining that he believes “Homewrecker” has been in the picture long before Saturday night.

“Homewrecker, I think, has been in his ear for quite some time,” Jeff said. “I think Homewrecker has exploited a very vulnerable situation. I think this started as a gym buddy friend, and I think this person has had his sights on him, Gage, for quite some time. I think he was very aware of what was happening.”

“I don’t think he’s concerned about breaking up a family or jeopardizing Gage’s career or financial situation,” he continued. “I don’t think he’s concerned about that at all. And I doubt this person’s intentions, so we’ll just leave it at that.”

Jeff was admittedly “in pain” when he first discovered his ex had already moved on, but he used that pain to force himself into “the online dating world.”

“Because I was in my bad space on Sunday, I decided, ‘Well, maybe it’s time to start dating,'” the interior designer said. “So I started dabbling in the online dating world. I met someone who was kind of interesting. We started talking, we exchanged pictures and we started texting fast and furiously. And that went on throughout the day. And we have a lot in common, seems like a busy guy, professional.”

However, things quickly fizzled as the suitor wasn’t onboard with the fact that he shares 2-year-old daughter Monroe with Gage; therefore, the two never met up.

The Flipping Out star revealed the shocking breakup news during his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, in late January. Jeff shared that they had been living in separate bedrooms half of last year up until Gage moved out of their house and into a hotel at the end of January.



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