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Bethenny Frankel Goes Off On American Airlines and Delta For Serving Fish!

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Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel recently took to Twitter to call out American Airlines and Delta for continuing to serve fish on flights — in light of deadly food allergies.

“You can’t write this. Now another airline is serving cooked salmon for my next flight. I have contacted them multiple times to no avail. I guess I’ll have to take another poll w my cabin. BC everyone is dying to eat cooked fish on a plane,” the Real Housewives of New York City star tweeted to her following of 1.6 million.

Bethenny, 48, has been on a crusade to raise awareness about severe food allergies since a near-death experience triggered by a rare fish allergy that landed her in the intensive care unit for two days.

On Jan. 3, Bethenny had another scare during a commercial flight and the plane was forced to turn around after cabin crew served bass, which could have easily triggered her deathly allergy. Despite informing the carrier in advance of her allergy, fish was served, and the aircraft landed early. 

One critic called out the reality diva, but she wasted no time clapping back.

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