VIDEO: ’90 Day Fiance’ Steven’s Jealous of His Newborn & Blasts Olga For Putting the Baby First!

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A newborn babe has stolen Olga Koshimbetova’s heart — and her American baby daddy, Steven Frend, just isn’t having it.

The youngest TLC couple has a hard road ahead, and fans will see a snapshot of the duo’s struggle on tonight’s episode of 90 Day FianceSteven complains about a romantic shift, in a released preview clip.

“Okay Olga, I’ve had a lot of time to think,” Steven says, while Olga feeds their child. “Remember in Ocean City, you used to be so excited to see me. I would go to work, you’d run up and give me a hug immediately. Then, when you left, that was very hard for us, but you still missed me all the time. Once you saw me getting off the train, you were so excited — just like Ocean City was. But everything changed. Now I don’t know why. What happened?”

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Olga points out that it’s hard to be attentive fresh off an operating table — but Steven is not impressed.

“How do you suppose, like after operation, I have to be like, [a] super happy person?” Olga asks.

Steven Frend will not be ignored — and continues to plead his needy case.

“You’re happy that I get the things that you need for the baby, but are you actually happy that I’m here?” Steven asked. “I’m literally going out and breaking my a** to get your visa done before I leave. You should be appreciated every single thing that I’m doing for you.”

Olga notes in a confessional spot that Steven refuses to listen to her or try to understand her new mommy position.

“Our son cannot be the main thing, we have to keep focusing on us as well. We have to put equal time — the kid can’t be before me,” Steven tells Olga. “I can’t put the kid before you, we both have to come equally.”

Watch 90 Day Fiance, Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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