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Blind Item: Bi-Sexual, Battered & STD Carrier Ex Husband (Exclusive)

Becca is a Senior Editor for All About The Tea. She's a coastal girl who loves the outdoors, and writing about the sneaky and silly side of reality TV. Her bio is short, but her snark is endless. She loves writing for the sharpest posters in the world.

blind item - all about the tea

*All About the Tea Exclusive Blind Item*


A shattered reality TV marriage has left a husband bruised, broken and harboring secrets.

The former TV husband is secretly bi-sexual, and his reality star ex-wife recently outed him as a STD carrier.

The ex-wife was the male force in the doomed relationship and she regularly battered her effeminate ex. One time during a fit of rage, this tough chick gave her ex-husband a black eye!

blind item - all about the tea

The ex-husband is now struggling to find a job, and blames his stint in the reality spotlight for his penniless plight.

He’s been forced to move from the coastal good life to a much affordable location — and is leaping backwards from riches-to-rags!

Blind Item — Name the reality star, the ex-husband, and the reality show.

Reality star:

The ex-husband:

Reality show:


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