D’Andra Simmons Denies Supporting Anti-Gay & Anti-Jew Pastor Robert Jeffress Despite Being An Active Church Member!

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D’Andra Simmons is backpedaling and telling boldface lies after being exposed for having close ties to hate-monger Pastor Robert Jeffress.

The Real Housewives of Dallas star has taken to social media to staunchly deny allegations made in a recent AllabouttheTEA.com expose.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOD’ Star D’Andra Simmons & Her Mama Big Supporters of Anti-Gay & Anti-Jew Pastor Robert Jeffress!


As exclusively reportedD’Andra Simmons and her mother, Dee Simmons, are both active members of First Baptist Dallas mega-church, in Dallas, Texas. The congregation is led by controversial Pastor Robert Jeffress. The Dallas pastor and his faithful flock hates gays, believes pedophilia and homosexuality are synonymous, feel Islam promotes pedophilia, and thinks Jewish people are going to hell — just to name a few.

On November 11, D’Andra Simmons tweeted, “I definitely don’t stand for his [Pastor Robert Jeffress] beliefs. Trust me I’ve been going to this church since I was four.” Despite her claims, D’Andra continued to be an active member of the church into her adult life and in April 2017, her husband, Jeremy Lock, was baptized at Pastor Jeffress chapel.

D’Andra’s late step-father, Gene Simmons, and his wife, Dee, are V.I.P at First Baptist Dallas — a foyer in the church has been named after the Simmons family because of the instrumental role they played in financially supporting the Dallas mega-church and its controversial pastor. 

D'Andra Simmons and Jeremy Lock - Real Housewives of Dallas

According to the reality diva, the accusations are “False!” and “Someone is trying to ruin my character and turn people against me. It’s pathetic and low down.” She stated in a tweet on November 13.

However, in the following interview taped in late 2017, D’Andra agrees with the co-hosts that Pastor Robert Jeffress is a great guy — exposing a fib in D’Andra’s dodgy denial.

Additionally, D’Andra’s husband blogs about church activities in his personal blog — one entry states “On Sunday March 25, 2018 my church, First Baptist experienced a night of worship with singer Sandi Patty and observed The Lord’s Supper”— the retired veteran wrote, referring to First Baptist Dallas as “my church.”

D'Andra Simmons - Real Housewives of Dallas

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