RECAP: ‘Married to Medicine’ Heavenly Kimes Reveals Daddy Likes When She Puts In Her Mouth & He Cringes! 

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Married to Medicine Recap!


There’s trouble in paradise on Married to Medicine. The cast is in Antigua for Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene’s wedding anniversary, and you’d think people could get along in such a beautiful place, but storms are brewing. Toya and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s fractured friendship explodes after Toya accidentally “injured” Contessa’s breast. And tension between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq blow up again — triggered by Quad Webb-Lunceford’s divorce. Welcome to day one, by the way. 

At dinner, Mariah and her husband have had enough of this nonsense and don’t understand why no one calls out Heavenly for her constant attacks on Mariah’s mother, Lucy.

That ain’t right, y’all. Leave her momma out of it. Simone Whitmore says Heavenly is just doing it to push Mariah’s buttons. Heavenly does admit she will need to discuss this with her therapist when she returns – stat.

Mariah Huq - Married to Medicine

The following morning, Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband, Curtis, discuss the previous night’s dinner blowout. Jackie blames the men, specifically Dr. Greg for cheating on Quad. Curtis is like no way, no how, this is on the women. Cheaters gotta stick together! Contessa didn’t go to dinner because of her “injury” and is disappointed no one has called to check on her injury.

Today there will be a BBQ at Toya and Eugene’s villa. The men go outside to begin grilling, hoping things won’t escalate with the women since no one’s drunk on Bahama Mama’s yet. Spoiler alert: things escalate! Contessa arrives, but there is no welcome mat from Toya. In fact, the girl won’t even hug her. Toya’s mad that Contessa thinks she hit her in the chest on purpose.

Contessa Metcalfe - Married to Medicine

Over at the cabana, the men are also having an awkward moment between Damon and Aydin. Everyone is pretty much #TeamAydin because they feel mom’s are off-limits. Damon needs to grow a pair and tell Heavenly to quit acting like a wilder-beast the “yo mama” insults.

Dr. Aydin Huq - Married to Medicine

On the flip side, Damon’s feelings are hurt from being accused of cheating. He denies this. The men hug it out over the realization they have no control over their wives.

The women are hanging poolside, some in their bathing suits, some not, as Contessa is told she missed a beautiful evening – until the end when all hell broke loose. Heavenly reluctantly says she probably could have handled things better last night. Mariah apologizes to Quad for commenting on her marriage.

Mariah Huq - Married to Medicine

Mariah explains when Heavenly continues to bring her momma into it, it makes her want to cut a bitch break glass, just like Damon did in Hawaii. For some reason, this pushes Heavenly’s buttons and she stomps off. And then Mariah breaks a glass which is why you don’t have glass by the pool, people.

Heavenly Kimes - Married to Medicine

Inside the villa, Heavenly wants to throw a pity-party, and Toya is like, Girl, throwing parties is hard work. They go outside and Jackie asks Contessa how they can help her assimilate back into the group. Contessa is still struggling with her injury and says it wasn’t an accident when Toya hit her, not to mention, Toya didn’t even call and check on her. The rest of the ladies start talking over one another and their voices and tempers escalate. The guys can hear them over at the cabana and are like, Oh, crap! Toya tells Contessa, “You’re trying to play the victim, b*tch.” The ladies agree to stop fighting when they see all the good food.

Toya Bush-Harris - Married to Medicine

Next up is another couples’ dinner on the beach. Fingers crossed this one goes better. Toya and Eugene say tonight is about celebrating couplehood – except for Quad because she’s alone. They say it’s time to talk about sex. Seriously? During dinner? Heavenly is asked what her best sex night is and without hesitation says, “Daddy likes me to put it in my mouth.” Pass the pork!

Heavenly Kimes - Married to Medicine

Simone and Cecil are asked why their marriage works for them. Simone says it’s because she’s “basic.” Toya is like, what did you just say? For the record, I feel Simone was looking for the word: simple. But the word “basic” really upsets Toya and she starts arguing with Eugene. Simone accuses Toya and Eugene of masturbating when they were younger. Pass the biscuits!

Simone Whitmore - Married to Medicine

Toya and Eugene walk away from the dinner table to calm down. Toya yells at Eugene, sounding like the girl from The Exorcist. Eugene tells her to stop being so bossy. The two return to the table, but the mood has soured. Simone takes a crying Toya to the bathroom and tells her Eugene is the last person she should be fighting with.

Toya Bush-Harris - Married to Medicine

Can I get an amen! For her part, Simone promises not to use the word “basic” ever again.

Back at the table, Toya apologizes and blames her birth control pills for the meltdown. Toya and Contessa promise to get over themselves. Toya then tells Heavenly and Mariah to get over themselves so their husbands can stop getting in each other’s faces. Toya then calls Heavenly and Mariah petty.

Toya Bush-Harris - Married to Medicine

Mariah is like, Oh no you di’ent, and is ready go back to the hotel, tired of eating with fools. Simone asks Mariah if she can have a silent relationship with Heavenly and Quad. Mariah says she can be cordial, but is upset that no one will acknowledge that mommas need to be left out of their fights. Whispering in Mariah’s ear, Aydin tells her these people aren’t her friends. Eugene calls them out for having a private conversation at a public table.

Mariah Huq - Married to Medicine

Mariah and Aydin have had enough. They leave, and Toya goes after them. Aydin says it’s nothing personal, he’s not feeling well because he’s sick of it all. Mariah tells Toya she no longer fits in with the group. Mariah returns to the group to tell them the news that Mariah doesn’t fit in. Eugene says it’s not up to them to make a circle fit into a square hole. 

Toya Bush-Harris - Married to Medicine

It’s a new day in Antigua. Feeling refreshed, Mariah is ready for a good time on the “love boat,” which is more of a love catamaran. Simone takes this moment to welcome Contessa back to the group and her response is, “I had surgery.” Simone calls her out for being a victim, suggesting she didn’t need to have a double mastectomy. An argument ensues. Simone storms off to the other side of the boat. That’s the problem with boats, it’s hard to make a grand exit when you’re at sea.

Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq - Married to Medicine

Next on Married to Medicine — the doctors help the community of Antigua and have a real emergency on their hands. Plus, Heavenly is given a second chance to renew herself with couples’ therapy.


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