‘RHOD’ RECAP: LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons Blowout Scuffle In Denmark!

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Real Housewives of Dallas Recap!


The Real Housewives of Dallas have arrived in Copenhagen! Cary Deuber takes all the ladies to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit her relatives. But unfortunately not even the majestic culturally-rich country can make Kameron Westcott forget D’Andra Simmons’ firing butt darts in Beaver Creek, earlier this season. And the tension between LeeAnne Locken, Kameron and D’Andra has followed the women across the world.

Kameron Westcott - The Real Housewives of Dallas

After a seven hour flight, the ladies are exhausted and loopy, as they sip champagne on the van ride to the hotel. Kam took a pill on the plane to help her sleep and it hasn’t worn off, so she’s seeking instruction from LeeAnne on how to gangsta rap. They arrive at the swank, Nobis Copenhagen Hotel, and greeted with more champagne.

Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi Redmond shares an ingenious idea with Stephanie Hollman — operation #IBD (I be drinkin’) to confront LeeAnne over the alcoholic accusations. So she plans to deliberately get hammered at dinner in order to lure LeeAnne into calling her an alcoholic again. Sounds like the type of scheme only a lush would cook up. 

The ladies are dressed to the nines for dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant. The menu consists of sweetbreads and beef tartare, but Stephanie would rather have chicken tenders and Kam can’t find one thing on the menu she likes — burgers and fries are her thing — not fancy schmancy Danish cuisine.

Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas

The waitress serves complimentary shots of dill schnapps and Brandi’s face lights up like she’s playing the fart game with her kiddos on game night. Brandi starts drinking and has a third, fourth, fifth, and everyone’s unfinished wine on the table. LeeAnne doesn’t respond and Brandi gets smashed. But not even dill schnapps can stop the explosion about to happen.

Dinner instantly takes a turn when D’Andra gets into heated arguments with both Kam and LeeAnne in the middle of the 5-star restaurant. Kam questions why D’Andra missed LeeAnne’s wedding gown shopping and all hell breaks loose.

According to D’AndraLeeAnne invited her wedding dress shopping at 9:00 p.m., the night before, and she’s a very busy businesswoman. Kam continues to press the issue and asks D’Andra why didn’t she call LeeAnne to find out when such an event might occur. D’Andra promptly tells Kam to mind her beeswax. Then accuses Kam and LeeAnne of “ganging up” on her. She calls Kam “ridiculously condescending.” Kam maintain a passive-aggressive poker face while telling D’Andra, “Calm yourself down, D’Andra. D’Andra, look at your level and your energy right now. Is this how your mother yells at you?” says Kam, as D’Andra explodes in anger! 

“It’s a very slippery slope from a butt plug to a butt dart,” Kam fires! No truer words from Kameron. Apparently, that moment in Beaver Creek is burned in Kam’s brain; she was so offended by the act that she confided in her mother-in-law, Jimmy, about it. 

D'Andra Simmons - Real Housewives of Dallas

Kam storms off and is nearly in tears after the heated confrontation. LeeAnne runs after her to diffuse the situation, but it isn’t working.

They all retreat back to the hotel suite but the drama is just getting started. D’Andra joins the rest of the women to try and clear the air before bed, but it only makes matters worse. Then D’Andra attacks LeeAnne’s amygdala journey — telling her that she’s only been meditating for six months.

LeeAnne says D’Andra thinks she’s always right. Then D’Andra comes in, and Kam shouts that she’s “best friends” with her mother-in-law and D’Andra shouts at LeeAnne to “shut up.” 

“Shut up!” D’Andra yells. “You stay out of it!”

“Don’t tell me to shut up, and don’t put your f**king finger in my face,” LeeAnne growls back before, almost instinctively, launching up on her feet to tower over D’Andra from the couch. D’Andra puts her hands on LeeAnne, pushing Leanne to raise her arm in a fist, much to the group’s shock.

Their argument grows intense and the ex-best-friends almost come to blows.


The next night, the ladies all come together to support Cary’s Danish cousin’s album-release party. The vibe is very bohemian rhapsody on acid and Camilla and her husband, Johan are gracious and kind. After the concert, a sober Brandi finally gets her moment to confront LeeAnne on the alcoholic rumors, “Mama Dee told me that you called me an alcoholic,” she tells LeeAnne

Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi brings up how the accusation could harm Bruin’s not-yet-finalized adoption but fesses up to excessive drinking during a rough patch in her marriage. I wonder who was watching her kids while she was drinking a bottle of wine every night. Yikes!

LeeAnne Locken - Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne apologizes then appropriately reclassifies Brandi’s issue with alcohol in a talking head confessional, “I don’t think Brandi is sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic,” she says. “I think Brandi’s just a drunk!” 

Next week on The Real Housewives of Dallas — Brandi Redmond explodes on LeeAnne Locken!


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