EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Custody Fight Turns Ugly! Thomas Pulls Bravo Into Court & Blocks His Kids From Filming ‘Southern Charm’

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Kathryn Dennis is fighting for full custody of the two children she shares with ex and former Southern Charm co-star, Thomas Ravenel, filing court docs on October 26.

Thomas is awaiting a trial for a high profile assault case — but viewers might be surprised to learn that his legal issues are not at the core of Kathryn’s custody move.

A local source reveals that Kathryn is fighting more for reality TV relevance, than for bonus time with her children.

Thomas is refusing to allow Kensie and Saint to film for [Southern Charm] Season 6,” dishes our snitch. “Kathryn knows that her story hinges on her life as a rehabbed single mother.”

Filming for Season 6 of the Bravo reality hit is underway.

Bravo announced that they were breaking ties with Thomas, after his arrest. Thomas and Kathryn’s children, Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2, will not be featured, and according to our insider, the shift has Kathryn Dennis spooked.

“Kathryn is furious that her sober single mom storyline is off the table, because Thomas won’t allow the kids to film. And to ensure they won’t film, Thomas’ attorney has summons Bravo and Haymaker to court to legally block his kids from filming,” our source says. “Production will have to invent a narrative, and her storyline will look fake and disjointed.”

Fans know that Bravo spun a fake romance clunker between Kathryn Dennis and Shep Rose during Season 5 — and many believe that production will face an uphill climb to create color and  drama without Thomas Ravenel. The Ravenel children were regularly featured during Season 5 — but producers will now be forced to create a narrative with Kathryn going solo.

Thomas Ravenel’s lawyers responded to Kathryn Dennis custody modification request yesterday, proposing a renewed stance for 50/50 custody.

Southern Charm is currently filming Season 6. 


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