RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Meets Her New Roommate — Colt’s Mom!

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Awkward beginnings launched new testy relationships on Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance. Check out the latest! 

Ashley Martson and Conroy “Jay” Smith

The episode begins in Jamaica, where Jay is emotionally preparing to leave friends and family behind for a new life in America. The duo meets up with Jay’s playboy father, who delivers a cryptically inspiring stud to stud sendoff. Jay bids farewell to his family, and shares that he regrets missing the birth of his niece.

The couple jets to Baltimore, and Jay is taken aback by the chilly weather. He plans to jump around in the snow in his undies, and hopes that the neighbors won’t call the cops. They arrive at Ashley’s home, and Jay is over the moon that he’s landed in American luxury. 


Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

Steven’s story lands in Russia, and after tackling some nervous jitters while sitting through a 7 hour train ride, reunites with Olga, in Voronezh. Olga meets his train and Steven is thrilled to see his baby mama’s big belly. She’s set to deliver in a week, and the couple is excited to be together—for now. Olga sadly hints that she lived in an orphanage as a child, so she’s looking forward to a fresh start in the U.S.. They arrive at Olga’s apartment, and the clueless couple discusses the challenge of managing a real live infant. Steven is confused by all the baby talk—and wonders if a culture clash or just baby daddy ignorance is to blame. The couple later shops for baby goods, and Steven is worried about the strange Russian price tags. Meanwhile, Olga is ready to pop.


Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Eric, Leida and her sister, Reina, are killing time on the east coast, while awaiting the arrival of the the ladies’ parents from Indonesia. The group visits Philadelphia on a budget, and Reina is skeptical that Eric can keep Leida’s diva demands satisfied. Leida dishes that Reina wants her to can this whole America thing, and return home to Jakarta. The sisters discuss Eric’s child support commitment, and Leida makes it clear that she doesn’t approve, the sisters ignorant to the legal nature of such an arrangement. The group later picks up the parents at the airport, and Eric reveals that they have no idea that he’s not well-to-do. We meet Leida’s father, Wim, who shares his worry over his daughter’s mystery financial future.   


Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima

The love/hate affair between Vegas and Larissa continues to play out, as the couple makes their way to Mama Deb’s house. Larissa is worried about living with her beau’s mother, but puts on a happy face when entering the home. Larissa soon informs her that Las Vegas is the worst, and it isn’t long before Deb dissolves into emotional tears. Colt strangely refers to “the thing” he once shared with his mother, before showing Larissa the house. Larissa is unimpressed, because the house is small, pool-less and bare. Larissa requests a relocation, preferably a place with a pool and a place to sit. Larissa shoots down Deb’s decor and dinner, hurting her feelings. Deb weeps over her lost baby boy, while Larissa looks around for the next thing to slam. Colt comforts his mama, but Deb is heartbroken that her new daughter is a dud. Cookie the cat later welcomes Larissa to a new day, but she’s unimpressed by the tubby tabby. She spills that she faked cooking skills, but tries to make amends with Deb, by cooking her breakfast. Deb kindly accepts the gesture, but throws shade at Larissa’s shoddy feeding of her precious boy-husband.


Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

Fernanda is bored in America, and misses the good ol’ stupid drunk days in Mexico. One of Jonathan’s friends, Dani, takes Fernanda shopping, and the newbie is happy to get out of the house. The gals chitchat about the romance, and Fernanda spills the tea about the rogue thong found in Jon’s house. Fernanda sniffles in Dani’s arms, but Dani believes that Jonathan is just a crappy housekeeper. Fernanda is determined to find out all she can about her messy groom. We later catch up with the couple at home, where Fernanda is still struggling to adjust to her bachelor surroundings. The teen chats with her family on Skype, and it’s clear that Fernanda’s exit has been  hard on everyone. 


Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu finds changing diapers quite the shocker, so Kalani’s mother steps in, so the couple can enjoy some alone time on the beach. Asuelu is excited to be in America, and asks lots of questions, marveling at all the white people in California. The couple discusses Kalani’s scary father, but Asuelu is ready to face the music. He becomes emotional, and is worried about not passing the family muster. Tensions are rising as the family gathers for the come-to-Jesus showdown. Asuelu greets Kalani’s father, Low, and sister warmly, but the vibe is awkward. Asuelu wisely apologizes for the baby before marriage whoopsie, and Low responds by warning him to respect his daughter or else. Low peppers Asuelu with questions, and reminds him to expect hard work if he wants to succeed in America. Kalani’s sis resents Asuelu stepping in as daddy to Oliver, and wants to take him to the woodshed for cheating on her sister.   

Don’t miss the next episode of 90 Day Fiance—because things are heating up!


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