VIDEO: #90DayFiance Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima Insults Colt Johnson’s Mother!

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On the new season of 90 Day Fiance, self proclaimed “mama’s boy” Colt Johnson has finally met his Latin queen, Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima. However, things are already getting off to a rocky start.

On tonight’s all-new episode, Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima puts her foot in her mouth when meeting Colt’s mom.

“I don’t like the house because it’s small”, Larissa says in her confessional. “No furniture in the living room and it’s ugly decoration”, she continues.

From the moment Larissa sits down at Colt’s table, she immediately begins complaining and making demands.

“I think we should move to a new house with pool”, Larissa declares.

Even though Colt might think Larissa’s beautiful, he doesn’t seem too happy about her attitude.

“Look, we’re not even one day in…”, Colt says very frustrated.

“In three hours I hate Las Vegas and I would like to move to other planet, but I can’t so I would like to move to other house”, Larissa responds.

Colt’s mother then says Larissa can decorate the house however she would like, which then makes Larissa go in about one of the living room’s biggest centerpiece: a slot machine. We then come to find out that the slot machine was given to Colt’s mother by her late husband.

Even though it’s a serious moment, Larissa continues to smile and laugh which makes the meeting even more awkward.

Colt tries to change the subject by asking about dinner, but even that subject rubs Larissa the wrong way. Once the couple goes upstairs to settle in, Colt’s Mom breaks down.

“I wanted it to go really good, but it’s not”, Colt’s mom says while crying. “I thought it would be easier”, she says.

Check out the insanely awkward clip above with Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima and tune into 90 Day Fiance Sunday night, on TLC.


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