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‘RHOD’ RECAP: D’Andra Simmons’ Mama Stirs the Pot Over Alcoholic Allegations!

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‘RHOD’ RECAP: D’Andra Simmons’ Mama Goes Into Attack Mode!


Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas opens with Cary Deuber, preparing Danish gift baskets filled with pastries, beer, and pickled herring — while trying to educate herself on the language for her upcoming trip to Copenhagen.

Cary Deuber - Real Housewives of Dallas

The gift baskets arrive simultaneously at all the Housewives homes and it reads “Join me” in Danish — which Stephanie Hollman attempts to read — and “for a salty and sweet adventure” in English. 

LeeAnne Locken is grossed out when Rich spills some fish grease all over her coffee table magazines. “The smell will last forever, Richard!” Over at Brandi Redmond’s, she thinks the smelly fish “smells like dirty twat,” and she would know since she’s “smelt some dirty twats in a kick line.” 

Brandi Redmond - Real Housewives of Dallas

It’s wedding dress shopping time and LeeAnne is joined by her friends, Christina and Kim, and Stephanie — at Esé Azénabor’s Design District space. The bride wants a gown that’s “clean, and basic, and boring” for her wedding, so she tries on some very extravagant designs and the ladies ooh and aah at the over-the-top designs.

LeeAnne Locken

LeeAnne mentions that she also invited D’Andra Simmons but her frenemy friend declined the invite and told her she had more important things to do. Stephanie hopes the two can reconcile before it’s too late and things escalate. LeeAnne is disappointed but would rather keep the negative energy at bay.

Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra Simmons and Mama Dee meet to discuss handing over the family business from mama to daughter. The contract is ready and D’Andra is salivating at sinking her teeth into the cookie jar business. The convo quickly turns to gossip about LeeAnne accusing D’Andra of being a drunk. D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is bringing this up to ‘one-up,’ her and Kameron Westcott is siding with LeeAnne out of loyalty. Dee’s fired up about the drinking allegations.

Mama Dee - - Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra convinces her mother that LeeAnne and Kam are ganging up on her. Mama Dee agrees and advises her daughter to be mean right back to them. “Be mean if you have to be mean. Don’t be a patsy. Tell them how the cow ate the cabbage.” she also gives such side eye at the mention of Jimmy being the grande dame of Dallas, and says, “she is?” 

DAndra Simmons  - Real Housewives of Dallas

Meanwhile, LeeAnne pays Kam a visit at her house and they waste no time talking about D’Andra ditching LeeAnne’s wedding dress fitting. They ponder what type of best friend would blow off a close friend’s wedding. LeeAnne says “I don’t think I’m her best friend” — and it’s clear that she’s not. “Too busy!? I’m sorry. Who’s too busy to go to a wedding dress fitting?” Kam wonders and says it’s “PSYCHO!” They conclude that D’Andra is out of her mind and will ruin her family’s name around town. They are both ready to wash their hands of D’Andra and LeeAnne is ready to karate chop her in the throat.

Later that week, the ladies all attend a pajama party at Jack Retro that’s also a pop-up for “Hard Night Good Morning.” 

Cary and Brandi walk in together — arm-in-arm. Dee corners Cary and Brandi and warns them to take care of D’Andra in Copenhagen. “If she comes back hurt, everybody’s going to wish they were dead.” D’Andra rants to Cary that she’s done with both LeeAnne and Kam. “Now you’ve awakened the dragon, and the dragon’s not nice,” says D’Andra. Cary responds, “Well I know that. You can be a real bitch.” Yes, naked Cary.

Across the room, Dee can’t let “D’Andra is an alcoholic” go and brings it back up with Brandi, “Oh, you’re an alcoholic. Didn’t you know?!” Brandi is more concerned with the alcoholic label negatively affecting her adoption of baby Bruin.

The ladies take a break from the drama to attend Travis and Stephanie’s magical vow renewal. Travis planned the entire ceremony himself, and even flew out Stephanie’s original Maid of Honor. The whole thing is terribly touching and Stephanie wears her original wedding dress. Maad props for fitting the gown! 

Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas

The intimate outdoor backyard ceremony overlooks a lake at their newly renovated home. Their sons Chance, 9, and Cruz, 7, stood by their side, the pair looked as happy as ever as they stood before Pastor Michael Homan, their family and friends as they read new vows they’d written for each other.

“Ten years ago today, I took your hand and made a promise to you. But you also made a few promises to me as well,” Travis said. “You promised to love me for better or for worse; you’ve done that. You promised to love me through sickness and health; you’ve done that. You promised to love me for richer or for poorer; you’ve lucked out on that one.”

Gushed Stephanie, holding back tears: “Travis, what a blessing these last 10 years have been. This life is more than anything I could have dreamed of in [small town] Oklahoma. Thank you for loving me for who I am and not expecting me to be anything more than the girl you fell in love with. I really appreciate that one.”

After Steph thanks her husband for his thoughtfulness — Travis then jokes about “butt sex” in front of their guests. The clutch your pearls moment shocks the elders in the room.

Next week on The Real Housewives of Dallas — The trip instantly takes a turn when D’Andra Simmons gets into heated arguments with both Kameron and LeeAnne. The drama continues when Brandi’s plan to get LeeAnne to admit she called her an alcoholic goes terribly wrong in the middle of a Michelin Star restaurant. 


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