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VIDEO: Rhylee Gerber Throws MAJOR Shade At Kate Chastain!

Below Deck star, Rhylee Gerber, has not been afraid to speak her mind since the new charter season began. From her blowout argument with her boss, Chandler Brooks, to her problems with the entire deck crew — Rhylee seems to just keep digging a deeper hole for herself.

On tonight’s all-new episode, Rhylee, throws some major shade at the interior team over the crew radio.

After Kate Chastain makes a joke about how much “fun” the deck crew’s job looks, the comment seems to rub Rhylee the wrong way.

“Do you think the interior team could take a ride on that thing when you’re done with it?”, Kate asks over the radio. “That is if you all aren’t too busy”, Rhylee chimes in.

After Rhylee’s shady comment is made, the chief stew is in major shock.

“Is that appropriate radio speak up the chain of command? What is WRONG with that girl?!” Kate exclaims.

Even Rhylee’s fellow deck crew member, Ashton Pienaar, doesn’t have her back.

“She needs to get her sh*t in order and she needs to sort her attitude out because she doesn’t realize what her place is”, Ashton exclaims.

Don’t miss Below Deck Tuesday nights, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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