RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance’ Jay & Ashley Prepare For Visa Interview So He Can Give Her the ‘D’ Everyday!

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American dreams took off on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance — and a brand new couple was introduced.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima

Larissa is America bound, and Colt is concerned that she might not like Vegas, or appreciate his rather passionate love affair with his mother. Colt shares a vehicle with Mama Deb, and admits that the intense attachment has put a damper on his love life in the past. The mother/son duo shares one last meal together before Larissa wrecks the fun, and contemplates life with a second woman in the mix. Deb senses that drama is a-comin’, and Colt is aware that his bride’s fiery temperament might cause problems.

In a cringeworthy exchange, Colt and Deb agree to an open relationship and vow to not come a-knocking during closed door romps. Colt has hyped jitters about Larissa’s arrival, and is stressed about keeping his two best girls happy. Colt heads to the airport and Larissa struts onto the scene, immediately demanding vending machine flowers. Colt passes, as the couple exchanges awkward hellos. Larissa is peeved that her honey is empty-handed, but Colt doesn’t cave. Larissa’s first impression of Vegas is hot and dull, especially from a junky car with broken air conditioning. She labels her new home a sweaty nightmare — and she hasn’t even met Deb or Cookie the cat yet.


Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

Fernanda’s first night in America was a big bust, because Jonathan is a slob and particularly careless about throwing away old lover’s undies. Fernanda feels disrespected, and while Jonathan begs for forgiveness, she wonders if he’s even aware that he’s not single anymore. Fernanda decides to resist teen angst, and give Jonathan another shot. The couple later connects with some of Jonathan’s friends, and Fernanda is initially unnerved by the luxurious home. The friends serve a nice dinner and guffaw over Jonathan’s flopped first impression. The group banters about immigration and marriage, and appears to embrace the relationship.

90 Day Fiance

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

Steven, 20, is a Maryland waiter and a high school dropout. He admits to being a former party animal and has been arrested for vandalism, which led to his mother booting him out of her house when he was 16. He spends summers at the beach, which is where he met Olga. Olga is from Russia  and has an irresistible accent. Olga got knocked up during the summer romance, and Steven wants to be the father he never had. Steven’s father died when he was young, so he’s determined to be present in his child’s life. Steven decided to take a leap and propose, and Olga is currently in Russia awaiting the K1 OK.

90 Day Fiance

Steven is traveling to Russia for the baby’s birth, and is nervous about making such a long trip. We meet Steven’s grandmother, who rasps out concerns about Olga’s shot at a life in the U.S. Steven admits that he’s scared to death about messing up his precarious future. He later takes off for Russia, and admits that he needs to grow up — and fast. His grandmother isn’t confident that he can pull it off — and declares her grandson an immature mess.


Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani welcomes Asuelu to America, as their story takes off. We are reminded that her family isn’t thrilled about her baby daddy, but Asuelu is thrilled to be back in Kalani’s arms. He delivers a fierce native Samoan dance in LAX airport, and while onlookers cheer, Kalani is mortified. Asuelu shares some snippets about his daily life in Samoa, and his hope that he can be helpful in the care of his son. California is overwhelming, but Asuelu is excited to score four walls in their temporary rental house. Asuelu meets Kalani’s mother, who greets him warmly, despite being worried about the new family dynamic. Baby Oliver meets his father, but is overwhelmed by the new guy in his life. Kalani continues to worry about how her father and sister will receive the new member of the family.


Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Eric is driving from Wisconsin to JFK to pick up Leida and her son, Alessandro, who he plans to adopt. Leida’s sister, Reina, is along for the trip, to help her sis settle and assess the romance. We meet Leida, who appears lively and fun, especially when she dishes that she clicked on Eric’s ad by accident. Leida likes where Eric’s muscles live, and is determined to chase her American dream. Her family is wealthy but controlling, and she wants out. Reina is worried about her sister’s decision, and plans to keep a watchful eye on all things Eric.

90 Day Fiance

Leida has a mini tantrum over luggage logistics, giving us a pampered princess preview. Leida’s parents are expected soon, so Eric plans to stay east, before whisking his bride home to Wisconsin. They drive to a Pennsylvania cabin, and the sisters are underwhelmed by the accommodations. Eric knows that his lifestyle is beneath Leida’s normal, and Leida confirms such when she suggests a live-in maid. Reina later throws her sister under the bus — while wondering if Eric is aware her sister’s annoying diva personality. Eric informs the audience that he doesn’t care about Reina’s opinion. We shall see…


Ashley Martson and Conroy “Jay” Smith

Ashley is Jamaica bound, to support fiance, Jay in his K1 Visa quest. The lovebirds reunite, and Jay reveals that Jamaican guys will choose any chubby ugly American for a free pass to the U.S.. He boasts about his well-hung romantic side, before surprising Ashley with a cliche heart on a hotel bed. The couple declares that they boink like bunnies, and Ashley hints that Jay probably boinks others in her absence. They later cram for the big interview, and Jay is worried that he might become tongue tied during the sit-down. We soon hear that he scores official approval — and is thrilled to be America bound.

90 Day Fiance

Next week, Olga is introduced, and Larissa meets Mama Deb.


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