RECAP: Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb-Lunceford Get Into Blowout Fight On ‘Married to Medicine’

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Married to Medicine Recap!


Sunday night’s episode of Married to Medicine begins at Dr. Jackie Walters office after hours. Dr. Simone Whitmore pays her a visit and she finally has some good news to share — the dry-spell that has plagued her sexless marriage has been broken. ‘We had sex,’ Simone declares, with a wide kool-aid smile across her face. Simone and her husband, Cecil, have not had intercourse since their marriage hit a rough patch years ago.

‘Hallelujah!’ Jackie bellows. The news compels the women to stomp their feet in jubilation, and the doctors ululate shrilly to express their utter joy. Jackie is even moved to show Simone a bedroom trick for the next session.

Over at Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s house, she’s recovering from her double mastectomy surgery. She describes the excruciating pain from her wounds as burning flesh. Ouch! Her husband, Scott, is attentive as he provides post-surgery care — draining her wounds and making sure she takes her meds. He comments that doctors make the worse patients but he’s eager to see Contessa’s reworked twins.

Across town, Mariah Huq is preparing breakfast when her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq, delivers some bad news. His company is merging with a bigger corporation and the acquisition may result in Aydin looking for a new job in another state.

The thought of moving out of state rattles the Georgia peach, as Atlanta has been Mariah’s homestead for a long time. Their family’s future in Atlanta is not certain and Mariah makes a solid argument for the family to stay in Atlanta. The unknown makes the mom of two uncomfortable, and she begins to cry. Aydin hugs his wife and reassures her that when one door closes, another door (or a window) will open.

Next, we catch up with Dr. Heavenly Kimes visiting her therapist, Dr. K, to reflect on her Miami trip and makes some new personal discoveries. Heavenly rehashes visiting her childhood home, which unearthed emotions about the death of her father, that have been repressed for years. She shares how her mother worked all the time and did never had time to express love towards her.

The therapist draws a correlation between Heavenly’s formative years to her inability to manage conflict like a mature adult. Heavenly once again brings up her issues with Mariah and compares her Married to Medicine co-star to her sister, that she hates — and who ‘tells lies on her.’ 

Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford, packed her bags and found herself a new residence. She’s settling into her new digs with the help of her mother, Mary, and aunt. The ladies take a break from unpacking boxes to discuss Quad’s marriage woes. She turns on the water works and describes struggling with the decision to file and she’s still wearing her wedding ring — which is a nice piece of bling. The sweet ladies reassure Quad that she’ll have good days and bad days but she’ll get through this difficult phase of divorce.

Quad’s divorce filing stuns for friends — especially Toya Bush-Harris and Simone — who’ve been left out in the dark once again about the going-ons in Quad’s crumbling marriage. Toya is at home reading a blog and finds out that Quad filed for divorce. She’s not happy that she had to learn about her friend’s divorce through the media. Simone echoes the same sentiment. They want to confront Quad about her shady behavior at Jackie’s upcoming slumber party.

It’s party time and the women start arriving at Jackie’s pajama jam. She’s hosting the sleepover to attempt to reunite the women and bring ‘Black Girl Magic’ back to the group. Heavenly arrives and greets everyone except Mariah. Can we assume Dr. K’s therapy sessions are a waste of time? Quad arrives last and seems to be in a chipper mood but this places her in the hot seat. Jackie tells the ladies to grab a plate from the beautiful spread set out by the hotel. After they all sit down, the ladies asks how is Quad doing, she immediately becomes defensive. Quad announces that she has a lot of “stuff going on,” and she’s not going there tonight (discussion about her divorce). The play an imitation game, to lighten the mood to bring some much needed comic relief to the evening. And I must admit, Simone nails Heavenly. Jackie’s imitation game does the trick — everyone is laughing cackling in geniune delight — even Quad. 

Of course the cheerful mood doesn’t last long when Jackie introduces a Q&A session. When it’s Toya’s turn to ask Quad a question, Quad shuts her down, ‘Toya Imma refrain hearing your question right now,’ after allowing Heavenly to ask her a question. This exchange quickly escalates into a blow out screaming match. Toya lets Quad have it about her shady behavior. Then the ladies go from a blow-up to a make-up, just like that!

Next week on Married to Medicine — Mariah hosts a ‘Black Love’ party to celebrate black couples but Quad and Heavenly turn the gesture into something negative.


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