VIDEO: ’90 Day Fiance’ Returns Tonight — Get Explosive Spoilers & Meet New Couples!

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The series that started it all, 90 Day Fiance, returns tonight for a sixth season — and six new couples will put it all on the line for love!

Viewers will follow six Americans working to bring their fiances to the United States — using the K1 Visa process. The lovebirds must wed within 90 days — or the foreigners will be forced to return to their home countries. Check out this season’s cast of characters. 


Kalani, 29 (California) and Asuelu, 23 (Samoa)

Kalani met Asuelu in classic TLC fashion — while on vacation at a resort in Samoa — a quasi nod to TLC disaster couple, Molly and Luis. Kalani — a committed Mormon at the time — gave up her virginity during the jaunt, and became pregnant with Asuelu’s baby. The couple now has to face Kalani’s clan with a five month old, and will work to overcome lots of family obstacles. Kalani’s father doesn’t trust his potential son-in-law, and Kalani’s sister also has doubts about the quickie romance.


Eric, 40 (Wisconsin) and Leida, 29 (Indonesia)

Eric, a divorced dad of three daughters, met Leida in the typical 90 Day way — by posting a personal ad on an international website. Eric hopped a flight to Indonesia, and proposed to Leida after only two days together. Eric has high hopes for a happily blended family, but his daughters are concerned about Leida’s true motives. Eric is worried about Leida adapting to his middle-class lifestyle, evidently a downgrade from her luxurious day-to-day, in Indonesia. 


Jonathan, 32 (North Carolina) and Fernanda, 19 (Mexico)

Jonathan picked up Fernanda in a Mexico club, and surprised even himself when he popped the question only three months later. The career bachelor is prepared to leap into matrimony, but is concerned about the couple’s 12 year age difference.


Ashley, 31 (Pennsylvania) and Jay, 20 (Jamaica)

Ashley met Jay at a club while visiting Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. Jay hunted her down on social media, and six months later, Ashley made a return trip. Eight days later, Jay proposed. Ashley has two flopped engagements in her past, and hopes that Jay’s youth won’t become a roadblock to a serious relationship.


Colt, 33 (Nevada) and Larissa, 31 (Brazil)

Colt was struggling to find American love, so he turned to social media, where he met Larissa. The duo connected in Mexico, where Colt popped the question, after only five days. Colt is a mama’s boy, so Larissa faces an uphill climb to fit into the family picture. Colt is worried about satisfying his fiancee’s deluxe American dream, and his family suspects that Larissa might be using Colt as a green light into the U.S.


Steven, 20 (Maryland) and Olga, 20 (Russia)

Steven met Olga on a beach, during a summer stateside visit. It was all fun and games until Olga got pregnant, changing what they both believed to be a breezy summer romance. Steven proposed after Olga returned to Russia, seemingly due to his determination to be present in his son’s life. The couple will work to secure a K-1 Visa in time for Olga to give birth in America.

Get excited! The series that started it all is BACK. 90 Day Fiance sixth season premieres October 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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