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‘RHOC’ Kelly Dodd Reveals She No Longer Speaks to Vicki Gunvalson!

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Kelly Dodd - Real Housewives of Orange County
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Kelly Dodd No Longer Speaks to Vicki Gunvalson!


There is some serious bad blood brewing between former best friends Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson!

The Real Housewives of Orange County stars are no longer speaking — and Vicki refused to attend fellow castmate, Tamra Judge’s, 51st birthday party in September if Kelly Dodd would be in attendance.

“We don’t talk at all. Not at all,” Kelly Dodd told Entertainment Tonight about Vicki Gunvalson. “As a matter of fact, I went to Tamra [Judge]’s house for her birthday in September, and Tamra showed me the text [from Vicki]. She’s like, ‘I’m not gonna be there if Kelly’s there.’”

Their falling out stems from Vicki Gunvalson, 56, and her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, introducing Kelly’s ex, Michael Dodd to a woman he met at Vicki’s home, in addition, the couples went on a double-date. Steve clarified misconceptions about the matchmaking with a tabloid — and his statements had Kelly Dodd seeing red.

“You’re my friend,” Dodd told Gunvalson on the show. “I’m getting all these text messages and everything that you hooked up Michael and you didn’t tell me? … You’ve gone out with them a couple times? And you never told me? Why would you not tell me?”

Kelly, 43, says reliving the drama months later as it plays out on television, makes it difficult to move forward.

“The problem with the show is, it’s kinda hard to move forward because you go back into that time that you felt and then you say things to each other via text and you’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ You get mad again. I’m not mad at her, but she’s clearly mad,” Dodd told ET.

According to Kelly, she wants her ex-husband “to be happy” — but felt betrayed by Vicki for not disclosing the matchmaking to her.

“It was the mere fact that I didn’t know who it was, they completely lied to me — I had to find out from somebody else,” Dodd said. “That’s really what it went down to.”

She added, “It just sounded like she was being sneaky.”

However, she’s open to reconciling with Vicki in the future.

“It’s always better to be friendly. And I’ve always had a great time with her. I’m hoping that we’ll one day talk again,” said Dodd, who has since become close with Tamra Judge: “We keep secrets with each other.”

On the other hand, the 56-year-old entrepreneur explains that Kelly’s ill-treatment of Michael Dodd during their marriage, was a factor in distancing herself from her RHOC co-star.

“After I witnessed first-hand how terrible she treated Michael, I started to pull back.” Vicki said in her September Bravo blog.

Kelly Dodd first shared her plans to divorce Michael after 11 years of marriage in September 2017. Then shared on Twitter in February that her divorce had been finalized. “My divorce is final today!!” she tweeted. “Over the moon happy!”

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