RECAP: Dr. Greg Opens Up Since His Cheating Scandal On ‘Married to Medicine’

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Married to Medicine Recap!


Sunday night’s episode of  Married to Medicine begins at Toya Bush-Harris’ house. Her husband, Dr. Eugene, is contemplating hosting a barbecue for the fellas only. He wants to invite cheater Dr. Greg Lunceford, whose been MIA since news broke of his pinky size penis and hotel romp. Toya is a bit apprehensive since his wife, Quad, and her are friends, and Greg and Quad’s split puts their mutual friends in an awkward position.  Toya’s not sure if they’ll still be able to be cool with Greg. But Eugene makes it clear that Greg is his friend and their marriage issues will not stop that.

Across town, Mariah takes her teen daughter, Lauren, to her first OBGYN visit with Dr. Simone Whitmore. Simone is a familiar face since she delivered Lauren as a baby. Mariah wants her daughter’s first exam to be comfortable because her first gynecological appointment was not pleasant (the doctor was male with big fingers). It’s so nice to see Simone in her element — talking to a teen patient about the dangers that come along with texting nude photos to friends and educating the young lady on boys. Lauren is sweet, smart, and respectful in her responses. Her mama has done a great job with Miss Lauren.

Over at Dr. Jackie Walters’ house, she’s cooking dinner when Quad pays her a visit. Jackie wants to connect one-on-one with Quad, whose been distant from the group. Quad is in the midst of a painful breakdown in her marriage, triggered by Greg’s public affair with a woman that exposed details of a scandalous hotel romp.

Quad Webb-Lunceford - Married to Medicine

As Quad begins to open up about the pain she’s in, Greg calls inquiring about her whereabouts. Dr. Jackie sees this as a sign that the lines of communication are not closed. But Quad says that he’s calling because he’s afraid that she’s very close to divorcing him. Quad’s short with Greg and quickly hangs up the phone. Quad explains to Jackie that “leaning on” others is not how she handles things. Jackie sympathizes since she also dealt with an embarrassing cheating scandal of her own. Jackie reminds Quad that support from the other women is what help get her through the dark times, and she needs to allow them to support her.

At Heavenly’s house, she recaps her husband, Dr. Damon, on her anger management therapist’s recommendation to revisit her roots in Miami. Last week, Heavenly had a session with her therapist after her intense fight with Mariah at the crab boil. Heavenly rehashes the issues with her sister and  her mother never telling her ‘I love you.’ Heavenly wants to see if there is a connection between her hatred for  Mariah and her estranged sister. Per the doc’s advise — Heavenly tells Damon that she’s planning a trip to her home state of Florida and taking Simone and Jackie with her.

Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Damon - Married to Medicine

Eugene’s barbecue is underway, the men gather in his backyard and he has shrimp, crawfish and Hennessy White for his guests. They’re all happy to see Greg arrive, who opens up right away. He begins by describing  the tense situation at home.  According to Greg, Quad has completely checked out of the marriage and no longer has feelings for him. Cecil advises him not to give up — keep fighting if he wants his marriage.

Married to Medicine

Cecil reflects on the advice he received from the other couples at the season 5 reunion to cut ties with his former best friend, Tammy. Greg wishes the love he onced shared with Quad could return but he doesn’t look too hopeful. Eugene advises not to stay together for the sake of staying together because his parents did and would argue all the time. Curtis tells him if he really wants it to “stay the course,” and continue to fight for his marriage. 

Greg Lunceford - Married to Medicine

With Simone and Jackie in tow, Heavenly travels to her childhood home in Miami to seek out the root of her anger issues. Shortly after arriving at the hotel, the ladies have a candid conversation with Heavenly and Jackie gets brutally honest with the dentist. Jackie tells Heavenly that lashing out with the use of the word “b*tch” is not appropriate. Heavenly explains that the word has no meaning to her because her own mama called her a ‘b*tch.’ Jackie explains that the word is a negative and off putting to many. And schools Heavenly about her reactionary spirit and her constant need to retaliate as a sign of insecurity. 

Back in Atlanta, Contessa takes the first step towards a new life — she and her husband Scott meet with Surgical Breast Oncologist, Dr. Pettiford. Contessa has decided to undergo a double mastectomy, given her family history with cancer. Her mom died of breast cancer and her father’s newest prostate cancer diagnosis, along with 10 years of abnormal mammograms, has led her to this difficult decision. She wants to do everything in her power to decrease her chances of getting cancer, and being there for her family. 

Next week on Married to Medicine — Heavenly continues her spiritual journey in Miami with the aid of Jackie and Simone. Also, Contessa goes through with her double mastectomy.


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