‘RHOD’ RECAP: D’Andra Simmons Is “Humiliated” Dallas Society Knows She’s Poor Now!

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Real Housewives of Dallas Recap!

Brandi Redmond - Real Housewives of Dallas

Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas opens to baby Bruin screaming while his mama shakes him with a bottle stuck in his mouth. Brandi Redmond’s life is jammed-packed — she’s managing an adopted newborn and daughters Brinkley, 6, and Brooklyn, 9. While the girls play in the microwave, Brandi prepares for a visit from social workers, who are overseeing her closed adoption.

Brandi Redmond daughter - Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi’s preps her daughters to give glowing parenting reviews to the social workers — but the little gingers share their mama’s sense of humor and have other plans. The social workers arrive and the girls immediately spring into action, sabotaging Brandi’s mom rep and exposing her as a neglect mama!

Real Housewives of Dallas

Over at Kameron Westcott’s house, she’s having breakfast with her children before she jets off on a business trip in Orlando, Florida for her Sparkle dog food company. Her husband, Court, briefs her on traveling commercial, which is totally unconscionable when you have a private jet at your disposable. While beneath her standards, she realizes that she’ll have to make it work because finding a distributor for her company is a must.

Kameron Westcott - Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons meet for lunch — and LeeAnne is ready to exact a little revenge on her judgmental friend. So basically, D’Andra is going broke because her mama “owns everything,” and has cut the purse strings. D’Andra has decided to part ways from her Mama Dee’s company and start over from scratch with zilch…zero…nada. D’Andra whines about being brought up with a silver spoon in her mouth and will now have to clean, cook and do her own laundry. She’s super stressed about going solo and says she’s “at a crossroads.”

D'Andra Simmons - Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne schools D’Andra on how simple folk live — in the form of hard-hitting facts. “Welcome to the world!” LeeAnne exclaims! D’Andra rambles on about her “controlling” mama taking away her entire lifestyle and being forced to cut luxuries. “Shopping…shopping…what will it be like when you have to clean your own house? You’re lazy!” LeeAnne barks at D’Andra. “You like your princess lifestyle and it’s your own fault!” LeeAnne’s blunt words, do not sit well with D’Andra, who says in a talking head confessional that LeeAnne is being “condensending.” And claims LeeAnne’s fiance, Rich, pays her friend’s bills for her.

LeeAnne Locken - Real Housewives of Dallas

The next day, LeeAnne meets with the “best wedding planner in the entire country,” to finally get some movement on her stalled wedding plans. Rich accompanies his bride-to-be to the meeting — but I’m sure he would rather be having a root canal but loves and supports his woman. Rich doesn’t really have a vision for his nuptials besides keeping the guest list short.

Real Housewives of Dallas

They go over color schemes and even having Stormy Daniels as entertainment, but the most important detail to come out of this meeting is they finalize a wedding date. They agree on November. And LeeAnne is over the moon giddy. She even takes a swipe at D’Andra, who gave her the business in Colorado for not selecting a wedding date. 

Rich - Real Housewives of Dallas

Meanwhile, D’Andra pays Bone-carrier Cary Deuber a visit. The main topic of conversation is D’Andra’s floundering wealthy lifestyle. Again, she mentions being at a “crossroads,” in her life. D’Andra lets us know that she has a trust fund from her stepfather that covers her living expenses for her and her husband, but it’s not enough to sustain her without a paycheck from mommy dearest. She then describes how phony Dallas society will shun you if you lose your money — no money…no friends. Period! D’Andra tears up and says she’s humiliated about the current state of her life.

D’Andra then recounts her hard-hitting convo with LeeAnne. Which prompts Cary to tell D’Andra, that LeeAnne said D’Andra spends too much and only had $200 in her bank account, in Colorado. The tears immediately dry up and she explains that she has 5 bank accounts — and claims that she only had $200 in her “shopping” account. She continues, explaining that when one account gets low, she just plays a game of shuffleboard and moves money from one account to another. Of course that’s financially responsible behavior — uh huh! D’Andra is pissed and says LeeAnne is the last person that should be discussing her finances and the matter will be addressed.

Stephanie Hollman and her husband, Travis, are in the middle of a meeting at his company. The group is discussing charitable giving and providing free education to the children of the company’s employees. Travis owns a company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of lockers. 

The showdown at the Anger Room is upon us! Smashing random stuff with crowbars is one way to release tension and just what this group needs. LeeAnne invited everyone because she feels the group is hiding their real selves and being fake. To reiterate her point, LeeAnne is dressed as a safety worker — she’s wearing a horseshoe mustache and a mullet. After LeeAnne’s speech, D’Andra waste no time getting down and dirty — she starts raising her voice about being “the furthest thing from fake,” (despite the fact she keeps friends around that only care about what’s in her bank account). She’s ‘humiliated” that LeeAnne would discuss her finances with Cary because now Dallas society will think she’s poor.

D’Andra is screaming and breaks down in tears because her financial status is having an immensely negative impact on her self-worth. Brandi chimes in to help D’Andra feel better “It shouldn’t be [humiliating]. I grew up in a trailer.” Brandi’s infinite wisdom breaks the tension and the ladies all laugh. They commence to smashing dishes, glasses and furniture! But the drama between LeeAnne and D’Andra is not over by a long shot — this is just the beginning of the end!

Next week on The Real Housewives of Dallas —  D’Andra confronts LeeAnne about spreading rumors about her finances. And Cary tells Kameron about a secret gag gift that sends Brandi over the edge.


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