Kelly Dodd Calls Emily Simpson A ‘Wild Animal’ & Doubles Down On “Little Bitch” Diss!

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Kelly Dodd - Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County star, Kelly Dodd, is speaking out about last week’s the fiery smackdown with rookie co-star, Emily Simpson. Kelly tells her side in her Bravo blog.

Kelly repeats her issue with Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Steve Lodge’s decision to speak to a media outlet about her ex, Michael Dodd’s post-divorce love life.

“When the whole fiasco hit the press about Vicki setting Michael up with her friend, I was really mad, and she was getting reamed by the fans online. To retaliate without looking guilty, Vicki had Steve start speaking to the press about me, and I find that for a man to get involved and stoop to that is just low. He went to Page Six and made a statement about me, so I called him a douche! …Maybe I could have used more polite language, but I was really upset at the time.”

The 42-year-old adds that Steve’s presence at Eddie Judge’s party made her uncomfortable, and that her desire to “be honest” took over. Kelly slams Steve’s character, and bashes Vicki’s taste in men.

“When Steve played dumb rather than engage with me about what happened, it showed what kind of man he is. In my opinion, he doesn’t respect women. Of course Vicki is going to side with Steve and call me disrespectful over him, I would expect nothing more. We saw how she was with Brooks! Even for all her great qualities, Vicki will still follow her boyfriends off a cliff if they ask her to.”

The RHOC hot-head writes that she attempted to take a mature approach, but that others chose to behave like children.

Steve did something malicious toward me, and I felt hurt about it and wanted to clear the air like an adult, but these people are behaving like children. Steve thinks he’s taking the high road by dismissing me, but taking the high road would have been to apologize and respectfully step away from the situation knowing that Vicki and I are now back on track. That’s what a real man would do.”

The divorcee reiterates her “little bitch” assessment of Emily’s husband, Shane Simpson, and does not back down.    

“Bzz! Bzz! Is that a housefly? Who is this pest buzzing in my ear? Can someone remind me why any of this was Shane’s business? I find it sad (and more than a little funny) that Emily was hoping to bring Shane to the party so that we could all see what he’s really like. Well, now we know! Who talks to women like that? I said it then, and I’ll say it again: He’s a little bitch.”

The reality starlet sells her ignorance about Shane’s identity, and reveals that his comment about her drinking was the trigger that set her off.

“I swear on my life, I didn’t realize Shane was Emily’s husband. I met so many new people at Tamra’s house that night that by the time I got outside and Emily introduced us, I don’t think I was paying any attention. We’ve all been there. It’s hard to keep track of a lot of new faces, and we don’t always get it right. Regardless, the way he spoke to me is telling — I have a much better idea of what went down with him and Gina now. You don’t call someone a drunk just because I happen to have a drink in my hand at a party and you disagree with what I’m saying. That pushed me over the edge.”

Kelly Dodd wraps her blog by taking a shot at Emily — likening her to a “wild animal.”

“Someone call animal control, because Emily turned into a wild animal at record speed! She threatened to kill me! Did you see my face?! Let’s hope I don’t go missing before next week’s episode, and if I do, you’ll know who did it!”

Watch Part 2 of the party drama — tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, at 9:00 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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