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Emily Simpson Blasts Kelly Dodd’s ‘Vulgar’ Behavior & Calls Out Tamra Judge!

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Emily Simpson - Real Housewives of Orange County

Emily Simpson is speaking out about the explosive argument that went down with Kelly Dodd, on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The RHOC rookie weighs in on her husband Shane Simpson’s messy interaction with Kelly Dodd, and explains her fiery response to her co-star’s outburst.

“First off, let me say that I am not proud of the words I used that night at Tamra’s party. I have never in my life ever said such a thing, and I hope to never say anything like that again. But I also have never felt such a FIERCE mix of emotion: confusion, hurt, love, protectiveness, all mixed into one. My confusion arose from the fact that I honestly couldn’t understand who Kelly was talking about. I was assuming she was referring to Steve when she was repeatedly berating someone and calling them a ‘little bitch.’”

The 53-year-old labels her realization that Kelly’s comments were directed at her husband, a “pivotal moment.”

“I knew that she had approached the table to speak to Steve because she was angry with him about something he had said about her on social media. You can see the confusion on my face. This is a PIVOTAL moment. This is the moment where I realize Kelly is talking about Shane, and Kelly realizes he is my husband. This is the moment where Kelly had the choice to act like a mature adult, pull me to the side, and let me know she was annoyed by something Shane had said. This would have been the classy thing to do. Instead, she became vulgar.”

The reality newcomer defends her husband, and explains how it felt to watch the exchange play out.

“Watching that scene over again literally brought tears to my eyes because her words were so disgusting and brutal. It was difficult to watch my husband be berated and verbally attacked.”

Kelly approached their table and instigated an argument with Steve. Steve had no interest in entertaining her, and he snubbed her and walked away, leaving Shane behind. I believe Kelly was irate and she turned her misplaced anger toward Shane. I wish Shane would have walked away with Steve, but honestly, even if he did that, she probably would have attacked him and verbally abused him for walking away. It was a lose/lose situation for Shane regardless. He was caught in the crossfire.”

The attorney points out that Shane kept a cool head throughout the drama.

“I don’t think anything Shane said to Kelly that night was rude or disrespectful. He honestly had no idea what Steve had said about Kelly on social media, nor does he have a clue what Page 6 is. He never raised his voice, he never called her any names. He tried repeatedly to back out of the conversation. He made a comment about her being drunk because he assumed (justifiably so) that she must have been drinking to act out in such a harsh manner.”

“It’s obvious he didn’t want to cause any drama. If he did, he would have yelled or called her names. In the alternative, he stood behind me, supporting me, trying to convince me to just walk away. However, according to the other ladies’ blogs, he should just be a doormat and stand there silently allowing her to call him every disgusting, derogatory name she could think of. What happened to ‘When it comes to my husband, it’s game on?’ Apparently, that doesn’t apply to Shane or me.”

Emily Simpson takes a quick shot at Tamra Judge — and wraps her blog by defending her honor as a lawyer, wife and mother.   

“Lastly, yes I am an attorney. And as I stated previously, I am not proud of my choice of words (although apparently if I owned a gym, it’s perfectly acceptable language to use i.e. Ireland). But BEFORE I am an attorney, I am a WIFE, and I am a MOTHER. When you come after my husband, you are attacking the very world that I love and protect. You are attacking my marriage, which is sacred to me, and you are attacking our five children who love their father and think the world of him. You are attacking everything in my life that means something to me, and I will not sit back and take it. I will defend my man, my marriage and my children ALWAYS.”

Watch the party drama continue on The Real Housewives of Orange County, tonight at 9:00 p.m., ET, on Bravo.


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