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#RHOD RECAP: D’Andra and Mama Dee Fight Over Business Decisions!

- Real Housewives of Dallas 

Real Housewives of Dallas Recap!


Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas resumes with D’Andra Simmons’ fourth anniversary party. The spotlight is still shining bright on LeeAnne Locken and Rich, after last week’s awkward announcement — “LeeAnne and Rich will be getting married tonight!?!” There’s no wedding — womp womp! Obviously, D’Andra would not sacrifice her annual garish display of wealth for a friend. Duh! 

D'Andra Simmons - Real Housewives of Dallas 

D’Andra and her hubby Jeremy take the stage to let Rich off the hook — but it’s too late, Rich already announced that he’s “sharted,” in his tighty whities. The couple make speeches about how much they love each other….”My wife is hot and I’m still horny,” Jeremy tells the crowd. 

The total lovefest between Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne rages on. Stephanie is two (or three) sheets to the wind, and letting her guard down. She opens up about a dark time in her past — the mother of two tearfully reveals that she tried to commit suicide when she was 22. “I was with a guy who didn’t make me feel like a worthy person,” Stephanie confides to LeeAnne. “I never felt pretty enough, I never felt good enough. I was always judged. We broke up and it was like, I lost my friends. And I just couldn’t handle it.” Stephanie uses the moment to build a bridge with LeeAnne, since LeeAnne has been very open about her own struggles in life. Stephanie hopes that by sharing her past, it will portray her in a different light in LeeAnne’s eyes. The moment is genuine, and drunk Stephanie needs to show up more often!

Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken - Real Housewives of Dallas 

A surprise guest has arrived — Brandi Redmond crashes the party with the intent to confront D’Andra over the Adderall abuse rumor. This is a shock to D’Andra, considering Brandi originally said that she wasn’t attending the event. D’Andra started the rumor when she was giving an interview on a podcast, her words later spread online by blogs. Although Brandi was ready to throw-down with D’Andra— ultimately she had a change of heart after they started chatting. “I don’t want to come across as somebody who holds onto grudges,” Brandi tells D’Andra. “I want to celebrate you and whatever issues that we may need to discuss, we can put it aside.” 

D'Andra Simmons and Brandi Redmond - Real Housewives of Dallas 

D’Andra plays dumb and claims she doesn’t know what triggered Brandi’s hurt feelings. “I want to be friends and I don’t know what to do, because I don’t think you like me,” the beauty maven tells Brandi. “And that’s okay, you don’t have to like me. It’s fine.”

Twenty-seven tequila shots later, and Stephanie tries to climb the lion statue outside the front door. “I’m gonna ride it like a lady,” she says, promptly tumbling off the beast’s back and into Brandi’s arms.

Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas 

The next day, Stephanie is planning a party to introduce Brandi’s adopted son to friends. Renovations on her $5 million home are complete. The swamp in the middle of the living room is gone, and replaced with a marble floor. 

Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas 

At the office, D’Andra and Mama Dee meet over rebranding the company’s dietary supplement. D’Andra wants to implement many changes, but Dee immediately shoots down her ideas. Mama Dee makes it crystal clear that despite giving D’Andra control of the business — D’Andra’s really not in charge — and the “S” on mama’s forehead does not stand for “Stupid.”

- Real Housewives of Dallas 

According to Mama Dee, this boils down to jealously! “Lots of mothers and daughters are jealous of each other, particularly if they’re good looking,” Dee says. “You’re a beautiful woman. I’m not a slob at 77…I can tell you that for sure.” But D’Andra insists that she’s not jealous of her mom. “Well, let’s just say we’re both very popular,” Dee replies. Dee then accuses D’Andra of verbal abuse, and D’Andra claims that her mother manipulates with money. Nevertheless, Dee couldn’t care less, and kicks her daughter out of her office. Somebody please give Mama Dee the Joan Collins Award for best actress!

D'Andra Simmons - Real Housewives of Dallas 

Over at Stephanie’s, her highly religious mother and grandparents are visiting, to bless her remolded home. After a group prayer, Stephanie and her mom sit for a private discussion. Stephanie says she was given the confidence to come forward about her suicide attempt after a candid conversation with LeeAnne. The convo invokes emotional memories of the incident and the impact it had on her family.

LeeAnne has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit, with the launch of “Infinity Dress” — which can be worn numerous different ways. Her little black dress line is called L’INFINITY and the designs are gorgeous!

LeeAnne Locken - Real Housewives of Dallas 

Back at Stephanie’s $5 million home, her “Bubbles & Bru” celebration to introduce Bruin to the rest of the ladies is underway, and the decor is perfectly precious for a baby boy. 

D’AndraLeeAnne, and Kameron, are all in attendance, but Kameron is suspicious about the pastel blue decorations. “Is someone having a baby boy? Is it Brandi?” Kameron grills Stephanie.The baby is coming “really soon,” Stephanie says. “Like, really, really soon.” When Cary joins the room, Stephanie runs over to her and quickly repeats the lie in hopes that she catches on. Stephanie says the party is to celebrate her having a surrogate.

Carey Duber, Stephanie Hollman - Real Housewives of Dallas 

Stephanie greets LeeAnne with a hug and a huge smile, she thanks her for their sincere bonding at D’Andra’s party. She comments in a talking head confessional that she likes the new and improved LeeAnne. And I’m sure LeeAnne appreciates the kind Stephanie, minus the mean girl.

Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken - Real Housewives of Dallas 

Shortly after that, Stephanie introduces “our favorite ginger family,” as Brandi and her husband Brian, descend from upstairs with baby Bruin in Brian’s arms. Everyone is ecstatically happy, with the exception of Kameron, whose grimace is palpable. She is not pleased to be left out of the adoption secret.

Kameron Wescott - - Real Housewives of Dallas 

Next week, heads will explode on The Real Housewives of Dallas — when Kameron shames Stephanie for telling white lies at Brandi’s baby reveal.


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