#RHONYC Star Bethenny Frankel’s Full Custody Fight Crushed By Forensic Expert!

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Bethenny Frankel - RHONYC

Bethenny Frankel was put in her place last week, when the Real Housewives of New York City star faced off against her ex, Jason Hoppy, in court.

Bethenny previously scored a court victory when a judge awarded her a trial date, after the reality star requested a shot at full custody of the ex-couple’s daughter. A forensic expert, called in for expert analysis, concluded that both parties were fit parents, delivering a blow to Bethenny’s strategy. 

Bethenny filed documents in December, asking for a trial in an effort to gain primary custody and full decision making rights for Bryn, 8. The judge granted her request, scheduling a trial for March 19, 2019. Sources told the outlet that a forensic effort was later called in, after the judge denied Bethenny immediate full custody in March, 2018. The tipster reported that the expert, Dr. Ravitz, recommended that the 50/50 custody arrangement remain unchanged.

Reportedly, Hoppy’s attorneys contacted Bethenny’s legal team to resolve the dispute in light of the recommendation, but the Skinnygirl mogul was determined to put up a fight, when they met in court last week.

“Dr. Ravitz’s report supported Jason’s position that the custody arrangement should not be changed,” reports Radar.

The source reported that the judge set an evidentiary hearing for the March 2019 date, allowing “time for the parties to resolve the custody issue if they were so inclined.”

“What occurred in court was not a ‘legal victory’ for either party,” the informant added. “The Judge continued the current 50/50 custody arrangement which would be considered a victory for Jason, if for anyone.”

As reported, Hoppy’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, brought the overdose death of Bethenny’s part-time beau, Dennis Shields, into the argument, after the judge confirmed the March court date.

Dennis Shields died as a result of a drug overdose. It’s been reported that he was addicted to Oxycodone,” Robert Wallack told the outlet. “Considering Mr. Shields’ addiction, we have real, legitimate concerns that Ms. Frankel was allowing him to be around Bryn, and to take care of her. This doesn’t just constitute a lapse in judgment, this was downright dangerous parenting.”

Another source bashed Hoppy’s accusations, labeling Bethenny “sane of mind,” and the allegations “unfair.”

The Real Housewives of New York reunion series begins Wednesday night, on Bravo.


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