RECAP: Karen & Ray Huger Confront Ashley Darby’s Husband On #RHOP Reunion!

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Real Housewives of Potomac


We are back for the conclusion of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion show. Last week, Karen marched off the set, overwhelmed with grief. We join Gizelle hugging Karen in her dressing room, telling her she’s a bad ass. Gizelle returns to the set and explains that Karen feels alone now because both her parents have passed away, seven months apart. Karen returns to the set pulled together, ready to resume fighting in fancy dresses.

Andy asks Karen about her father’s passing. Karen says she’s not looking for sympathy, but she’s having a moment. Ashley apologizes to Karen and they exchange fake smiles. Andy asks Karen and Gizelle where they are in their friendship. Karen says many people wanted her to end their friendship, but she said no to that.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Next we discuss Kyndall and her purpose on the show. Flashbacks are shown. Short-hair Charrisse, wearing a red dress, joins Andy and the ladies on the couch. Gizelle accuses Monique of bringing Kyndall on the show specifically to get at her. Monique denies this and accuses Charrisse of being the one trying to get Kendyll on the show. Monique admits she tried to get Kendyll on seasons one and two, but had nothing to do with her being on season three. Gizelle explains Kyndall was too boring to be on the show until Gizelle started dating Sherman. Bam! Monique says she doesn’t need to bring another woman on the show “to ruffle Gizelle’s feathers, she can wake up and breathe and do that.” So true.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Andy questions what exactly went wrong with Gizelle and Sherman. Gizelle says it was the People magazine article that freaked him out, putting him on blast. Gizelle reluctantly admits to having some communication problems with Sherman, but doesn’t think his MIA status had anything to do with her desperation to get married. Not at all. This never freaks men out. Besides, Gizelle says she’s cool if she never gets married again. And Karen agrees Gizelle may never get married again. But get this, Sherman wants to get back together with Gizelle and their counseling begins next week – won’t that be fun! Monique regrets spilling the tea about Sherman creeping in the park after dark and wishes to apologize to Sherman, but not to Gizelle.

Real Housewives of Potomac

So where do Monique and Charrisse stand? Nowhere near each other. Charrisse says Monique was doing things that were “questionable” but it’s not about the friend poaching. So what is it about? Monique and Charrisse get into an argument and we still don’t know. Karen says she’s surprised by the demise of Monique and Charrisse’s friendship because she thought it was genuine. Darn! And here I thought we had our first real friendship on reality TV. Very sad.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Now for the good part: The men! After the intros, Andy goes straight for Chris’ dick color info. Chris says it’s not white and Gizelle guesses it’s Hue #9. Eww. Andy asks how Chris feels about Candiace’s comment that she lowered her standards to be with him. Chris says just because Candiace said it, doesn’t mean Candiace meant it. Candiace explains it was one of the many immature comments she’s made this season. Andy asks about the status with Chris’s oldest son. Nothing has happened yet even though he’s stalking the kid. Candiace says she hopes this leads to a door opening.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Next we talk to the other Chris – who’s looking good with a 35 lb. weight loss. He says his wife’s miscarriage devastated him. Also hurtful was the reaction on social media to Monique’s drinking. As for Charrisse, Chris is shocked. She WAS his favorite. Charrisse has no response because her heart is frozen.

Onto Karen and Ray’s situation. Flashbacks are shown. Ray says he’s laughing to keep from crying. Andy asks Ray why he didn’t confide in his wife about “his” tax problems sooner. Ray says he’s had ups and downs his entire life and never brought it home. And then suddenly Ray’s overhead light cuts off. Andy suggests Karen pulled the plug. The light gets fixed and we continue. Ray says he made a “mistake identifying some tax issues” and there was culpability on his and the government’s side. However, Ray is the only one paying for those issues. Andy asks the amount of the tax bill, but Ray doesn’t/won’t/can’t disclose it.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Next is #PizzaGate. Ray tells Gizelle, Ashley, and Robyn they got the landscapers in mucho trouble because he thought they were eating on the job and left the pizza behind for raccoons. Robyn says she never thought Karen didn’t live in Gray Falls, she just wanted Karen to open the door and put this to rest. Thanks Robyn. You’re such a help.

Ashley tells Karen that Matt is trying to cozy up to the rest of the cast. Eww. Karen doesn’t listen, but then Charrisse speaks up and says she’s now bff’s with Matt, and yes, he does talk about Karen. Ray confirms both he and Karen live in Great Falls, and they may or may not have a sex dungeon. Michael shakes his head like he knows something. He tells Ray it’s stupid to sell a house and move far, far away to rent a huge house. Ray tells him this isn’t his business, and guess what, they brought the receipts on Michael. But don’t show it. Grr!

Real Housewives of Potomac

Andy tells Ashley people think she’s obsessed with Karen. Ashley says she’s not obsessed, she just wishes Karen would be more forthcoming with the truth. Karen says she’s not changing for some millennial. Karen and Michael start arguing about her superior attitude and the picture of his ding-a-ling. Karen will not apologize and Michael offers his passport as proof he was not in Australia during that time.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Andy asks if Ashley regrets spreading second-hand rumors about Karen’s driver, Mr. Blue Eyes. Ashley explains she cannot answer Andy’s question because Karen served her a cease and desist letter about the matter. Karen says it’s not an idle threat because she will sue Ashley, take her restaurant and give it to her mother. Bam! Ashely ignores this and says Mr. Blue Eyes came into Oz one night with Karen. Monique says she was there and spoke to Mr. Blue Eyes the entire night. Karen did not. Ashley says drivers should wait outside. Andy asks Ray about it, and Ray admits, at one time he did think there was something funny going on between his wife and Mr. Blue Eyes. OMG! Rays says he looked into it and is fine with everything. Really? Ashley tells Ray to trust his instincts. Andy suggests they introduce Mr. Blue Eyes to Charrisse since her divorce will be final in August, but Karen is like, Oh hell no.

We say goodbye to Charrisse, but the men stay because the heat is about to be turned on high for Michael. Flashbacks are shown in reference to the comments he made about Ashley’s mom and having babies. Remember what a jerk Michael was? Ashley says she and Michael are in a much better place and have started trying to have a child. We learn Ashley has already suffered a miscarriage and she blames herself.

Michael now claims he and Ashley belong together. Ashley says they will continue to try and get pregnant by wearing socks with sandals because that’s how babies are made. Monique gets teary-eyed over Ashley’s miscarriage since she can relate. Michael is teary-eyed as well. In fact, his eyes are so red it looks like he smoked a joint on break. But there is good news to report. Ashley’s mom’s boyfriend finally got a job after watching the show and seeing what a loser he was. Ashley’s mom is also making changes. Karen gets choked up and tells Ashley to hold on to her momma because tomorrow is not promised.

How about some “Coffee and Love?” A clip of Ashley’s music video is played. Yeah, someone paid real money for this. Ashley is in her bathrobe, gets into a bathtub, and sings her song for Michael. The ladies politely clap when it’s over. Mr. Red Eyes thanks his wife for the song. The men are excused from the show and glasses of champagne are poured for the ladies. We have finally reached the end.

Andy asks the ladies to say something they’ve learned this season. Notice you can say, Girl, please, to all of them except the last one. Monique says she’s learned to mind her own business. Candiace loves having a sisterhood, even if it’s only with two people. Ashley has learned to be open and forgiving. Robyn has learned to take a step back and realize they are all humans. Gizelle has learned that hard work pays off and not to mention who she’s dating so someone won’t find their ex and bring them on the show. And Karen has learned that life is short and to keep your family and friends close because that’s all that matters.

Gizelle toasts the show and tells Candiace she would love to come to her wedding. Cheers everyone! Thanks for all the comments and compliments this season. What did you think of RHOP? Will there will be a Season 4?


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