RECAP: Karen Huger Moved to Tears On #RHOP Reunion Following Her Dad’s Passing!

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RHOP Reunion

Karen Huger Moved to Tears On #RHOP Reunion Following Her Dad’s Passing!


Welcome to Part 1 of the RHOP reunion show! Before the shade-fest starts, we learn two important realities for the ladies. First, Karen Huger’s father passed away the week prior to filming the reunion and Monique is five months pregnant. The ladies have gathered on the couch with Andy, in their prom dresses, however Karen’s is more of a wedding dress. Monique gets a pregnant pass for her dress/neck contraption, but altogether the ladies dresses are colorful and bright, like a macaw, especially with Robyn’s hair.

We begin the RHOP reunion with a flashback of an early girls’ trip when Ashley wore one of Karen’s wigs. Andy says he can’t believe all hell didn’t break lose. Ashley says it kind of did. Turns out, the shrill that can shatter glass – that was Karen Huger’s  real laugh.

Karen Huger - RHOP Reunion

Next Candiace lists all the airports she gets recognized in because she is delusional a former Miss United States pageant winner. Like, it happens all the time, y’all. Andy finds this hard to believe since he’s never even heard of Miss United States.

Onto Monique’s drinking situation narcolepsy. Flashbacks are shown of the car wreck and Ashley stirring the pot about Monique’s consumption on that day. Monique says the feedback she received was cruel. People were calling her an alcoholic. Not true! I’m sure Monique probably rubbed some lavender oils on her wrists before she left the bar and discovered, this shit works! Ashley and Monique get into a yelling match about drinking. Andy interrupts to remind Ashley how much she enjoys Corona Light.

Monique Samuels - RHOP Reunion

We go to commercial, then come back, and Ashley and Monique are still arguing. Andy, Gizelle, and Robyn point out that Monique was crazy defensive, which made it worse. Monique says she would never destroy someone else’s character. Andy asks Karen her thoughts on the situation and Karen blames Ashley for her constant pot-stirring.

The pressure continues on Monique, this time about her website, Not for Lazy Moms. Gizelle and Robyn think the name is rude and implies other moms are lazy if they don’t follow her rules. Monique tells Robyn if she hasn’t even looked at her website, and is offended, that’s on her. Andy says there was a lot of pushback on Monique for her use off essential oils for her kids and Monique thinks that’s ridiculous. So does Ashley, but who cares what she thinks.

Gizelle Bryant - RHOP Reunion

We learn that only Candiace and Karen called Monique to congratulate her on her pregnancy because the others have no manners. Andy asks Gizelle why she doesn’t like Monique. Gizelle says she has no issues with Monique – which is a lie. She was jealous from the get-go that Monique had four homes. Andy asks why Gizelle got mad about Monique upgrading to first class if she and Robyn were going to do their own thing in France. Gizelle says it’s because she wasn’t upgraded told about it. But Monique is a forgiving woman. Monique thinks she and Gizelle can still be friends. What does Gizelle say? Only if Monique starts owning her stuff, said the woman who doesn’t own her stuff.

Moving on to Candiace and her fiancé and his brown penis. Ugh. Must we? Andy says we must. According to Andy we will also see it. Nooooo! Candiace explains she struggled in France relating to the women because she was away from home. Ashley explains they couldn’t relate to her being mad at Chris for calling her a princess. Candiace says that Chris also said, “Don’t let this show go to your head because you ain’t shit.” WTF? Why are we just hearing about this now? Andy is surprised. You can tell he’s thinking, Don’t marry him. Too late, Andy.

Candiace Dillard - RHOP Reunion

So yet another yelling match ensues, this time between Ashley and Candiace about the fact that Candiace mentions race a lot. She accuses Ashley of doing the same thing, just not with race. Ashley is ready for a show-down with anyone. Candiace tells Ashley she lives and breathes gossip. Ashley informs Candiace that she was in a real pageant, not some off-name pageant no one’s heard of. Bam!

Ashley - RHOP Reunion

Andy asks Candiace a viewer question about why she’s marrying a man who is comfortable living in a home paid for by her mom. Candiace starts off, all virtuous like, “My mother is not paying for our home.” Pause. “Okay my mom is paying for our home, but…” Ashley then calls Candiace a house-daughter and Candiace calls Ashley a house-twat. Double bam!

Good thing Andy is holding his own tonight, normally the housewives plow right over him. He asks Candiace how much ownership Chris has in his restaurant. Candiace won’t answer – but she’ll give TMI about everything else, like Chris’ dick. As for Candiace’s wedding, (which has already happened) Gizelle isn’t invited because she doesn’t want to go.

It’s Robyn’s turn in the hot seat. Flashbacks are shown of the season. Juan will not be joining the reunion because he’s scared of these ladies busy coaching their 4th grade son. Andy tells Robyn he’s skeptic about the psychic, but Robyn believes he’s the real deal. Hopefully he’s not the next person to take Robyn’s money.

Robyn Dixon - RHOP Reunion

Next we discuss the dueling events of Monique and Robyn and why Karen said yes to both events and lied about it? Karen says it’s not her fault Robyn misunderstood her yeah for a yes. Robyn says her event was more special because she planned hers; Monique just showed up at hers. Monique tells Robyn she should be sitting on Gizelle’s lap because she’s her lap dog. They argue about the meme by Monique’s brother. Andy inserts himself to explain to Monique that her fan page represents her, and she needs to have better control over it, girlfriend.

Onto Karen and her finances. Andy asks Karen the amount of Ray’s IRS bill. She says Ray can answer for himself when he comes out. Andy asks Karen why not directly ask Ray about “his” tax problems. Karen says it’s because she trusts Ray so much, they don’t need to talk about it.

Unfortunately we have to talk yet again about a man’s penis. This time it’s Michael’s. So you know that picture on Instagram of Michael’s ding-a-ling? Ashley says it’s not Michael’s ding-a-ling. She knows what his ding-a-ling looks like and it’s not that ding-a-ling. Ashley has no regrets for saying Ray needs to be careful in prison picking up the soap. Robyn explains she doesn’t believe Karen didn’t know about Ray’s tax situation because Juan had even heard about it.

Karen Huger - RHOP Reunion

But this was a tough season for Karen. She tells Gizelle she hasn’t been a good friend. Gizelle says it’s because Karen doesn’t allow her to be a good friend. Karen says Gizelle should have knocked on her door. Gizelle says she doesn’t know where her door is.

Karen starts crying and leaves the set. Gizelle follows. No one feels good about this. Gizelle hugs a shaking Karen who keeps saying it’s too soon and she’s tired of being strong. Gizelle tells her she was raised to be strong, then leaves so Karen can get her makeup touched up.

On next week’s RHOP Reunion part 2, the men to join the ladies. Karen bounces back and flips off Michael and Ray brings the receipts! 


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