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Rumor Control: #SouthernCharm Cast Has NOT Cut Off Thomas Ravenel!

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Southern Charm Cast Has NOT Cut Off Thomas Ravenel!


Thomas Ravenel’s future on Southern Charm remains a question mark — but according to an in-the-know local, Thomas’ cast relationships remain intact.

A new report claims that the cast has cut ties with Thomas — but our insider denies the chilly dynamic. 

“Thomas’ relationships with certain cast members remain largely unchanged,” the source reports. 

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According to a reported rumor, the Bravo cast has “cut off contact” with Thomas Ravenel, since the wrap of Season 5. Our source tells a different story. 

Thomas remains cordial and in contact with Shep [Rose], Craig [Conover], and Whitney [Sudler Smith],” explains our source. “Thomas and Kathryn [Dennis] continue to spend time together, and are co-parenting peacefully.” 

Thomas recently spoke to Shep, about the reunion series,” adds the snitch. 

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The local clarifies that Thomas Ravenel has never had much of an offscreen relationship with Cameran Eubanks, Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo, or Austen Kroll.  

Thomas isn’t communicating with Cameran, Chelsea, Naomie or Austen, but that’s normal for the off-season,” explains our source. “He only interacts with certain cast members during filming season.”  

Social media has revealed snippets of the rebuilt relationship between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn, but as fans await Season 6 casting news, false rumors continue to make headlines. 

Southern Charm is on hiatus. 


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