EXCLUSIVE: #SevenYearSwitch Charles Orlando Talks Switch Therapy & New Season!

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Charles Orlando - Seven Year Switch

Charles Orlando Talks Switch Therapy Myths!


Love is in the air and Lifetime’s Seven Year Switch is back for their third season —  and Charles Orlando dished on the new season with AllAboutTheTea.com!

The series follows four couples that are ready to do ANYTHING to fix their failing marriages, even if it means switching spouses with someone else for two weeks. This concept may sound crazy, but the results speak for themselves. Past couples on the show have come back together after the social experiment and rekindled their marriage.

We caught up with one of the show’s relationship experts Charles J. Orlando to answer all of our burning questions on how this social experiment REALLY works!

“The goal of Switch Therapy is NOT to fuel random hook-ups or infidelity”, Orlando tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. “Rather, these couples are put in challenging situations to foster communication. Example: In the switch houses, there is one bedroom and one bed. We aren’t looking for these couples to cheat (there is a couch); we’re looking for them to discuss and negotiate with empathy and thoughtfulness — behaviors that have largely fallen by the wayside in their real marriages. As Switch Therapy continues, the stakes rise to reaffirm their commitment to the process, as well as their real spouses. But like any situation in life, these participants have free will and can choose their own behaviors or paths.”

This may sound like an extreme form of therapy (and it is), but would this form of therapy actually work in everyday life or is this more for the show?

Charles Orlando told us that, “While Switch Therapy is not an evidence-based treatment — but a concept created within the context of Seven Year Switch — the first two seasons have rekindled love and connection with six of eight couples, leading to six new babies. It has also led to two divorces, filed after the airing of the aforementioned season.”

Charles wrapped up by saying, “Switch Therapy is an accelerated and intense process. Two weeks — no spouse, no internet, no phones, no TV, no texting; nothing. Even if these couples can disconnect and fake it for a day or two, they have many more days coming. In my experience, none of the couples can fake it that long. They give themselves to the process in one way or another.”

Check out Seven Year Switch every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. ET only on Lifetime!


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