Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Son Kash Licked In the Face by Dog Who Almost Killed Him!

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann son

Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Son Kash Gets Licked by Dog Who Bit His Face!


On Tuesday, Kim Zolciak-Biermann shared photos of her five year-old son, Kash, getting his face licked by the same family dog —  who bit the little boy last year. “These 2 melt my heart,” she wrote alongside the photos “@kashbiermann loves Sinn so much. I was just snapping away a minute ago watching these 2 and here are a couple of them #TrueLove#BlessedGrateful.”

The Don’t Be Tardy star’s 5-year-old son’s face was almost chewed off from the attack and suffered “very traumatic injuries,” in April 2017. The child underwent major surgery. 

“It was a like a bad dream,” she told People at the time. “Our dog Sinn is heavily, heavily trained. Kash is his favorite. It made absolutely no sense to any of us. This is nothing I ever thought I’d be dealing with in my life.”


The dog bite was a millimeter away from Kash’s eye — and his dad, Kroy Biermann, feared his son might not be able to see again.

“I sat there not knowing if my son would be able to see for probably about seven hours,” he said on an episode of their Bravo show. “So, [when] that news came, that was a very uplifting moment to know that, no matter what, he was still going to have the same quality of life that he had before he got bit, you know?”

While the family contemplated getting rid of the dog, but they ultimately decided to keep the animal.

“I genuinely felt a deep rage for what Sinn had done to my son, but Kash loves him,” Biermann told People.” We didn’t want him to live a life with a phobia of dogs. We wanted him to understand it wasn’t his fault.”

In November, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted photos of her little son holding his pet on his lap and receiving slobbery kisses.

“Best friends from the start Kash n Sinn,” she wrote alongside one of the photos.

The reality diva said she’s wanted to share their story to alert other parents that a similar accident could happen to their child.

“His plastic surgeon said, ‘You have this incredible platform, and I think that you should use that to let people know and raise awareness for what dogs are capable of,'” she said on Larry King Now. “They’re still animals at the end of the day.”

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