RECAP: 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All Part 2

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Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After was a mixed bag, as the season concluded with a Tell All wrap, tagged with a loveless hour devoted to Nicole and Azan. Host, Shawn Robinson, had some loose ends to tie up, before TLC flipped viewers to Morocco, to hear the latest on the engaged couple’s long and winding road to nowhere.

The Family Chantel

The episode begins with Pedro and Chantel, further hashing out their family drama. Pedro wants to cut and run, and does so, when Chantel’s parents pop in for a video howdy-do. Pedro shuffles around backstage, until Chantel woos him back to the hot seat. Pedro agrees to talk, so Shawn nails him with all of the footage revealing his in-laws’ plan to prove him a fraud. Karen and Thomas confirm that they worry about Pedro’s family operating a  “marriage ring,” but Chantel doesn’t believe it. TLC reruns the fight one last time, and Chantel’s post-brawl squeal is replayed. They all debate who started the smackdown, and agree that it was the shady foreigner. Pedro admits that he behaved like a dumbass, so Karen reluctantly apologizes for snatching his sister’s weave. Pedro wants to stay married, but his mother wants her baby to escape the crazy American. Back at the hotel, the couple rehashes the sit-down, and floats the faux idea of a divorce.

90 Day Fiance

Shut Up Russ

Pao’s sob story is rewound, including her claim that Russ “abandoned” her in her hour of need. She squeezes out some fresh tears, and Russ reiterates that she’s actually an ice princess, off camera. In a shocking twist, Molly tries to talk some common sense into Pao, but she’s again triggered when Russ babbles nonsense about postponing a pregnancy. Pao takes an emotional strut, and Russ only invites more venom by following her to the weeping couch like a weak puppy. Russ’ snarky comfort attempt crashes, and Pao declares that she doesn’t want to see his stupid face anymore. TLC captures footage of the car ride home, and we see Pao practically kick her husband out into traffic. Pao is infuriated by Russ’ baby stall, and Russ appears mildly amused by his wife’s overacted hysteria. Pao wants to screech her way back to Colombia, but evidently stuck around long enough for Russ to plant a fresh bun in her oven — the couple announcing their happy news, last week.

90 Day Fiance

In other news, David manages to score a thanks-but-no-thanks phone call with Luis, and Annie repeats that she’s ready to head back to Thailand. Her deadbeat hubby isn’t invited. Nicole and Azan are supposedly set to wed in a few weeks.

TLC abruptly shifts gears and jets viewers to Morocco, where Nicole and Azan’s happily ever never is in full swing. TLC has pieced together a wonky royal wedding special, and Nicole has been officially dubbed a blushing Moroccan princess. The couple awkwardly checks out a venue, and Nicole is fed chicken and lavished with gowns and jewelry. The costs continue to mount, but the whole spectacle feels as fake as Azan’s enthusiasm. Azan and Nicole briefly drop out of sight, and when they resurface, we learn that the wedding has been called off. They use lack of cash as an excuse, but it’s clear that there’s more to the story. The duo swears that the decision was mutual — but it becomes obvious that Azan is behind the upset. Nicole’s disappointed, and when her mother hears the news, she senses that something is very wrong. Robbalee decides to head to Morocco, to feel out the situation.

90 Day Fiance

They break the news to Azan’s sister, who is beyond over the loony back and forth. Robbalee arrives, and immediately tries to pry the truth out of her daughter. Nicole begins to introduce a bizarre plan to open a makeup shop, evidently a wiser investment than bridal tiaras. Robbalee is confused that her barefaced daughter wants to hawk makeup, so she later presses Azan for details. Azan reveals that Nicole delivered the cash to invest in a business under his name. Robbalee smells a Moroccan rat, and demands proof of a physical store. Robbalee later calls home, and her husband advises her to grab May and run. She gives it a shot, but Nicole continues to defend their relationship, along with their joint passion for the retail beauty biz. Azan continues to stall through a smirk, until a producer finally forces him to admit that he wants to call the whole thing off. He only wants to marry Nicole big a little bit, and their future looks bleak. Robbalee heads back to America alone, but as the episode ends, we learn that Nicole and May followed, a couple of weeks later.

Nicole is still hanging on to the fairytale — but Robbalee is just waiting for her daughter to be heartbroken and broke, so she can pick up the pieces. How do you believe this messy story will end?

A brand new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres next week — see you there!


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