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Twitter Drags Jenelle Evans For Exposing Son to Loaded Gun During Road Rage Incident!

Jenelle Evans

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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has racked up a long list of disastrous decisions — but the nightmare that unfolded on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 might top the list.

Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Calls Her and David Eason ‘Pieces of Shit’ Amid New Custody Battle!

Twitter exploded when MTV aired disturbing footage of the reality star pulling a gun during a red-hot fit of road rage — and viewers continue to sound off.

Jenelle chased down a driver who stepped out of line — with her 8-year-old son, Jace Evans, riding shotgun. Viewers were outraged that Jenelle’s son was aggressively dragged into harm’s way, by a woman armed and crazed for revenge.

Fans also slammed the reality mom of three for leaving her child in the vehicle alone with her firearm, after she was pulled over by a police officer. Randy Houska, father of TM2 mom, Chelsea DeBoer, led the charge.

Interestingly, an earlier episode chronicled an officer visiting the home  Jenelle, 26, shares with husband, David Eason — after being alerted and ordered to check on the the welfare of Jenelle’s children. Jace remains in the custody of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, but Jenelle continues to manipulatively push for a full-time shift.

No arrests were made after police investigated the April incident, due to inconsistent accounts, and a lack of witnesses.

Do you believe that Jenelle has finally gone too far?

Let us know what you think — and watch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV.


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