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#RHOP Star Charrisse Jackson Jordon Claims Monique Samuels Is Deceitful and Calculating!

Charisse Jackson-Jordon and Monique Samuels

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There’s no denying the brewing feud between Charisse Jackson-Jordon and Monique Samuels, and now Charisse is addressing their drama in her Bravo blog.

“Honestly, I came into the sit-down reluctantly. I had been feeling a sense of faux genuineness when it comes to Monique.” Charisse says in regards to a recent sitdown with Monique on RHOP.

The Real Housewives of Potomac stars were once close pals — but recently Charisse has accused Monique Samuels of social climbing via her rolodex of Potomac friends.

“She had betrayed my trust a couple of times at this point and I really felt that I wasn’t going to get an honest response from her. The truth is, I wanted to get past what I was feeling and was hoping that she would be open and honest with me so that we could move on and repair the damage before it became worse.”

Charisse Jackson-Jordon and Monique Samuels

During a recent RHOP episode, Monique said she felt a shift in her friendship with Charisse but was in the dark over the reason. However, Charisse claims Monique “played” her.

“Monique is a very smart woman. Don’t let that rough around the edges fool you. In fact, one of the things I admired the most about Monique is her vast intellect in various areas.”

Charisse calls Monique’s emotional breakdown over their falling-out calculated and disingenuous. 

“I’ve also learned that she can be very calculating. She knows exactly what she is doing but portrays a sense of naiveness to camouflage her deceitful tactics. She knew exactly why I was upset but played on my emotional side to skirt through the issue. She played me!”

“It looks believable. I fell for it. How could you not? She is a great actress that has missed her calling. However, the truth always comes to light. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice….. NOPE! I won’t be fooled again!”

Are you team Charisse Jackson-Jordon or Monique Samuels?

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