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Blind Item: She Wants A Ring But Not His Kids! (Exclusive)

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Blind Item - All About the Tea

*All About the Tea Exclusive Blind Item*

A reality TV girlfriend desperately wants to marry her leading man — but wants zero to do with his kids.

The woman is dying for the reality dad to put a ring on it — but when they started dating, she deliberately avoided all interaction with his young children. The gal feels that his kids are difficult and manipulative, and would rather have her own children instead.

The reality dad is disturbed by the woman’s apathy, and knows that she will never be an acceptable stepmother, so he keeps his children FAR away from said woman.

The woman fakes devotion for the masses, but the reality dad knows that it’s all for show.

Their love story is fixin’ to go south — and their days as a couple are numbered. 

Blind Item — Name the reality star, the girlfriend, and reality show.

Reality star:

The girlfriend:

Reality show:


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