Ashley Jacobs Suffers EPIC Instagram Meltdown & Exposes Patricia Altschul’s Private Messages!

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Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, went on an alarming social media bender over the weekend, that has left Southern Charm fans questioning her mental state. 

As readers know, the California native has been on a downward spiral since appearing on the Bravo reality series and attacked, Kathryn Dennis‘ parenting skills.

Ashley, 33, had a massive Instagram meltdown Sunday, over negative fan backlash that she accuses, Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul, of motivating through the online “#HiAshley,” campaign.

“To my followers, I don’t get the entire #HiAshley movement. I do NOT use troll accounts with which to hate other people. I use my personal account as a platform to defend against hate itself. With respect to my past indefensible and hateful behavior I am only allowed to say STAY TUNED. Right now my hands are tied, while others are apparently allowed to rip me apart. Much love, Ashley.” Ashley posted on her Instagram Story. 

She continues: “If you wonder why I receive so much hate, hate sites with huge followings are aiding and abetting it. Hate sites like these are why other people are wishing me dead.”

Ashley continued her frenzied posting and shared some of the hate mail she routinely receives. 

The Hospice nurse could have used her own professional care when she threatened to release private messages from Patricia suggesting the use of a “fake” account to troll Kathryn

“But I do retain evidence, of a certain person attempting to induce me to “expose” via trolling Kathryn Dennis. Should said woman refuse to cease and desist in her non-stop attacks on me, I’ll, as matter of self-preservation, expose this fraud.”

Six months ago, Kathryn and Patricia were arch-enemies but have since made up and found common ground in their disdain of Ashley

Patricia unbothered by Ashley’s threat, tweeted a mocking response and engaged Kathryn, “Well, @KathrynDennis did you know that we are now being blamed for all of Ashley’s hate mail? Lets you and I go to the spa….that’s my answer to that.”

Patricia’s retort unhinged Ashley, and all bets were off — she exposed her “evidence,” which was a 6-month old private exchange between the two ladies. “Will do…we should get a 3rd party to call her out. With a fake account,” the message supposedly from Patricia reads. 

However, Ashley’s scandalous expose was a big whoop, as many Southern Charm fans chastised her for the threat, then releasing 6-month old private messages. 

What are your thoughts on Ashley Jacobs’ latest Instagram meltdown and this garish quagmire? Sound off in the comments and tune into Southern Charm Thursday nights, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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