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Shameful! Ashley Jacobs Tries to Upstage Kathryn Dennis’ Mental Illness Reveal (Exclusive)

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The ongoing tension between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, took a dark turn on Thursday — only hours before the latest episode of Southern Charm aired.

Fans watched Kathryn share about her struggle with depression and anxiety during Thursday night’s episode, explaining to Danni Baird that she had crashed, after stopping her anti-depressant meds.

“I don’t know, it’s really difficult to explain. With everything going on like the Ashley stuff, it’s just been a lot, and I felt like I literally just took a mental break and shut my phone off, locked myself in my apartment,” Kathryn told Danni.

Ashley took to Instagram shortly before the episode aired — opening up  about her own “stress and anxiety” — linking her admission to her rapid weight loss.


A source close to the cast has the inside scoop behind Ashley’s craftily timed post.

Ashley saw the episode, then was advised by her P.R. rep to insert her own emotional drama  into the narrative,” an insider reveals to AllAboutTheTea.com, “She didn’t even write it — her rep did.”

In a since deleted Instagram post, Ashley wrote that a healthy diet and exercise regimen was behind her dramatic weight loss. Her story shifted on Thursday afternoon. 

“In the last 8 months I have struggled with severe anxiety related to stress. I was completely overwhelmed with moving across the country, leaving my family and friends, being in a new relationship, not having my nursing license, oh and being on a reality TV show!” the post reads.

“What I lacked was proper coping mechanisms. I dropped a lot of weight in a matter of months. I was putting too much pressure on myself, not taking care of my health and fitness, along with other external stressors.”

Our insider explains what was going on behind the scenes.

Ashley knew that viewers would be moved by Kathryn’s story,” dished the snitch. “She went along with the rep’s idea, hoping to grab the spotlight.”

Many fans didn’t buy Ashley’s splashy reveal — and even called her out on the timing of her social media share.

“Psycho. Katherine last night talked about her anxiety and today here you are trying to get sympathy for yours. Please! Transparent and dehydrated!!! The desperate and crazy are showing. Please get help.”

“This is all very calculated and done on purpose. Maybe even the weight loss-watching yourself on tv, people comment about you, you honestly don’t fool me-you’re seen the episodes in advance and want good attention from the people.” 

“Kinda odd u chose to post this same time the episode aired about Kathryn’s struggle with depression and anxiety. Doesn’t seem genuine to me. Think u just want to take attention away from her to focus on “poor little old me”. I still dislike you until u see your apologies to Kathryn.”

“…and the only reason you bring this up is because you knew Katherines depression was going to aired… You need therapy because you are not ok, your actions are not of a good person. I hope you can see yourself and start changing for your own good.”

What do you believe is behind Ashley’s carefully timed post? Let us know what you think — and watch Southern Charm, Thursday night, on Bravo.


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