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#RHOD Star D’Andra Simmons Rushed to ER After “Extremely Painful” Bloody Accident!

D’Andra Simmons went to the emergency room after cutting her finger with a mandoline slicer while cutting up some eggplant.

On Saturday, The Real Housewives of Dallas star Instagrammed a photo in the hospital with blood on her right hand as she awaited getting some stitches on her sliced finger. “Chronicles of two BFF’s…@dandrasimmons at the ER after trying to use the killer mandolin… instead of slicing the eggplant, she sliced her finger… stitches on the way… #er #rhod #saturday #stupidaccident #bloodeverywhere #stiches #bff #chroniclesoftwobff.”

On Monday, she returned home from the hospital. “Update on my hand. No, it wasn’t a paper cut, as one of my cast mates alluded to in a post. I received eight stitches and part of my nail bed was removed. I cut off the tip of my finger, and it is extremely painful. #RHOD @Bravotv Thanks for the [Love].” She posted on Twitter.

The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently filming.


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