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Black Ink Crew Chicago — 9MAG Falls Apart on the Season 4 Premiere! (Video)

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The 9MAG we have grown to know and love has been forever changed!

Half of the team still blames Ryan for the way he handled things with Kat last season, while the other half has chosen to follow their own paths away from 9MAG. Those who stay find themselves working in a constantly hostile environment, where the growing tension has reached the point where hardly anyone speaks to one another. After realizing the 9MAG he set out to build is no more, Ryan makes a bold move to rebuild 9MAG and save his dream, regardless of the consequences.

In the following extended trailer of the season four premiere on Wednesday, Ryan Henry is out the tattoo game and now the rest of the gang is struggling to find their spot in the Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Too much went down last season and now Charmaine is shocked to enter the shop and learn that 9Mag is no more. Over the drama, Ryan is all about the shop’s reinvention and with his wifey Rachel by his side, he has “space for six [new] artists.” His old crew opened up Loyalty Ink because of Ryan’s betrayal, and the hurt runs deeper when Danielle and the rest see Ryan’s newest shop at a tattoo convention. That, coupled with Danielle’s issues with Terrence, and Charmaine throwing hands with Lily, season four delivers the drama!

Black Ink Crew Chicago season 4 premieres May 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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