EXCLUSIVE: #LittleWomenLA Star Tonya Banks Talks SHOCKING Feud with Terra Jole Over Racist ‘Black Girl’ Wine!

Tonya Banks and the rest of the ladies of Little Women: LA, are back, and in the thick of a red-hot seventh season.

From business partnerships gone wrong to broken relationships, these ladies have already been through the ringer, and the ride has only just begun! Tonya sat down exclusively with AllAboutTheTea.com to dish about the high-drama Season 7 rollercoaster. 

Viewers were left wondering where friendships within the cast stood, after an intensely emotional Season 6. We asked Tonya which cast-mate she was closest to, heading into the show’s seventh go-round. 

“Going into Season 7, I was pretty close to everyone. I was probably closest to Terra, being that I am a godparent to her children. We spent a lot of time together off camera, and fostered a really strong friendship. I’ve known Terra for a very long time, which certainly contributes to the strength of our relationship.” 

 Little Women: LA added a new cast firecracker this season, to mix it up with the veteran reality stars. Mika Winkler is a good friend of Terra Jole, a wife, and a mother of two adorable daughters. Not everyone was happy with Mika’s arrival in LA,, and the rookie has already triggered lots of drama. What did Tonya have to say about the new girl?

“I have known her since she was 20 years old – so we’ve really gotten to know each other over the years! She is a very free spirited individual, which certainly adds a different dynamic to the group. And sure – I would say she is a good fit. Never a dull moment when she’s around!” 

There’s no doubt that Mika is bringing the heat, but the vibe has definitely shifted without former cast member, Briana Renee. Renee exited the scene at the end of season 6, after living in the center of controversy, especially when it came to her now ex-husband, Matt. Does Tonya miss her former co-star and friend?

“I miss her, but I don’t miss the drama of her relationship. She did what she needed to do by taking time for herself and her family. That is always the most important thing.” 

This season has been one for the books. One of the biggest shockers to rock the friendship circle occurred when BFF’s Terra and Tonya decided to launch competing lines of moscato. Terra even wanted her bestie to be the face of her new product, and her chosen label, “Black Girl Moscato,” rubbed Tonya the wrong way. What was Tonya’s initial reaction to Terra’s new business venture?

When I first heard about Terra’s Moscato line, I was honestly shocked and disappointed. When she offered for me to be the face of the brand and told me the name of the wine, I was utterly disgusted. However, it wasn’t just the name that turned me off – it was also the fact that she wanted me to partner with her on a project for which she had already made most of the decisions. There was no input from me – how could I be the face of a brand that I wasn’t even a part of?

Does Tonya believe Terra had any ill intent?

“I would hope that based on our friendship, there was never any ill will or malice intent when she decided to be a part of a new Moscato line. However, the truth of the matter is – only Terra knows for sure what her intentions truly were when she joined on and backed the brand.” 

Well there you have it! What do you think about what Tonya had to say? Sound off in the comments below!

You can catch Little Women: LA every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime. 


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