#RHOP RECAP: Monique Confronts Ashley About Spreading Drunk Driving Rumors!

Monique Samuels

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Welcome back to the real drama on The Real Housewives of Potomac! Charrisse has just dropped the bombshell that Karen, after gallons of alcohol the night before, confessed Ray has asked her for a divorce. However, Karen is now saying it was a long time ago. Karen says she and Ray are okay, but she’s working on some things. When Robyn says she has a degree, Karen explains she refused her degree from her parents on account of she was an entrepreneur, way back then. Anyway, Karen changes the topic to her fragrance line that’s in the discovery phase because she just discovered the idea.

The ladies retreat to their rooms to put on bathing suits and hit the hot tub. Karen and Gizelle whisper behind closed doors. Karen is changing her story yet again and now says Ray asked her for the divorce to protect her from his nasty IRS situation. Elsewhere in the house, Ashley, Robyn and Charrisse sneak into Karen’s room and steal one of her wigs. Monique is having a good time drinking and dancing. She’s mad at Ashley but determined to control it, just like her alcohol problem. Kurn Hugur struts in, who is Ashley in drag. Ashley insults the ladies using Karen’s own words. Good times.

The ladies are back in Potomac, hanging out with their families, talking about what went down at the spa. While chopping veggies, Monique tells her husband, cousin, and kids that Ashley was “concerned” she was drunk when she crashed her car, but she was only tired. Candiace is dining with her fiancé Chris and says she assumed Monique was drunk, but it turns out she may have only been tired from the two to four martinis. And Ashley is at home with Michael and tells him on their last night in the hot tub, Monique threw up after drinking wine and smoking a cigar. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

Over at Gizelle’s, she’s preaching to herself in the mirror. Robyn calls and Gizelle tells her she hasn’t spoken with Sherman in 29 hours. Lord have mercy, that’s forever. It may have something to do with a People magazine article about them that’s freaked out poor Sherman, but Gizelle won’t have a sit down with the man and ask him.

Next we join Karen as she meets with Matt at his office. Matt, who is Karen’s everything man, works at a title company. Karen tells him about her fragrance idea and Matt admits to knowing nothing about that industry. Karen is tossing fragrance names around like Fierce, Fire, or Bold. Matt recommends Empty Nester. 

Onto venue shopping with Candiace and her mother at The Willard Hotel. The ballroom is lovely, but Candiace is worried it won’t properly hold 300 people. And by the way, she doesn’t want round tables for the guests because obviously. They are given the price tag of $1ooK minimum.  Turns out, Candiace’s vision of her dream wedding is double that price. Mom says Candiace is going to have to ask her cheating, philandering, no good father to kick in more money. Right now her mom’s paying $100K and her father is paying $20K – which any sane and talented person could pull off a beautiful wedding for this price. Candiace cries when her mom explains that when real life hits, you have to get real. Seems mom is still a little bitter that Candiace’s father chose to chase women instead of being a husband and father and may not believe in the longevity of Candiace and Chris.

Up next, Ashley is paying a visit to her mom’s house – key word: paying. Sheila is cleaning up and moving to a hotel. She tells Ashley she has decided to travel because her family has become a hindrance. No word on who will pay for this traveling, but Ashley says Sheila’s deadbeat boyfriend is the real hindrance. Sheila says this isn’t about money. And she’s right. It’s about a mom sponging off her daughter with a man who’s sponging off of her so that her daughter can sponge off her husband. Sheila announces that at least she’s not a junkie-prostitute. Yes, at least. Sheila then asks Ashley what she can say so she can report it back to Michael. This infuriates Ashley because it’s true. Sheila says she’s done and walks off.

We are now at Karen’s scent event! Sue and Matt have set up the room and it’s similar to Karen’s “meeting” but fancier and the ladies get real wine and hors d’oeuvres this time. Monique is pissed at Ashley, but keeping it to herself which won’t last long. Sue explains the scentertainment will be the ladies learning their scent personality. There are only eight categories in the fragrance world. The top two with these ladies are fresh and Oriental.

Ashley and Candiace go to the bathroom on account of Candiace’s tiny boobs keep peeking out of her low cut, white pantsuit. Robyn and Gizelle ask Monique if she’s cool because she’s been so quiet and this girl is never quiet. Monique says her issues are not with them, but she needs to detox her energies away from Ashley. Robyn asks what happened because everything was fine in the hot tub until Monique puked her guts. But she has an excuse, y’all. Wait for it…Candiace didn’t throw up in the bushes because she drank too much wine. No, no, no. She hurled because she inhaled the cigar she was teaching the girls to smoke. But hey, at least Monique wasn’t tired.

When Ashley and Candiace return to the table, Gizelle informs Ashley that Monique is mad at her for spreading lies about her being drunk and wrecking her car. Monique thinks Ashley is always checking other people’s inventory – which she is. The two women start bickering. Sue tells Matt to take control of the ladies, but Matt knows it’s best just to sit his ass back down and stay out of it. Monique says it’s not “concern” Ashley is showing, but shadiness. The arguing continues so Karen calls for security and the scent event ends. Dang, y’all. That stinks!

The women go outside and argue on the streets of Potomac. Monique says she should be able to get sloshed when there’s a shuttle bus and she shouldn’t have to worry about some jealous girl who has an allowance, trying to take down everything she’s built. The women have a good laugh over the words: she’s built, and start talking all at once. Robyn and Monique go back and forth with, “You shut up. No you shut up. No you shut up.” Karen tries to separate the “ladies.” Monique threatens to choke Robyn out with her umbrella if she doesn’t get out of her face. Robyn says, please do it. Hey, at least she said please, but then we get the three dreaded words: To Be Continued.

Tune in next time as Gizelle helps out with Hurricane Harvey and experiences real feelings of her own.


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