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Andy Cohen Says Kim Zolciak-Biermann Was Ganged Up On At #RHOA Reunion Despite Her RACIST Comments!

Andy Cohen loves Housewives reunion drama, but was The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10 reunion too much for Cohen?

During a recent appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show, the Housewives creator told McCarthy that he felt Kim Zolciak-Biermann, 40, was unfairly ganged up on during the reunion.

“Atlanta this season… I had a really rough time with the last chunk of that when Kim was on because it got very…” Andy tells host Jenny. “I hate a five against one situation because it is a gang up.”

Cohen renders the mom of six incapable of defending herself after she had to be physically restrained from attacking Kenya Moore at NeNe Leakes’ white party.

“And the problem is that Kim was not… It’s less problematic when the person is good at taking up for themselves and Kim was not having an easy time with her words,” Cohen said.

Cohen also said that he wishes he would have walked off the reunion stage like many of the Housewives have done in the past. Even if Cohen was joking, it would be a pretty epic move if he actually walked off!

What else did Andy have to say about the reunion? Watch the video below to find out:

Tell us what you think about what Andy Cohen having sympathy for Kim Zolciak after she stirred the pot all season? Sound off in the comments below! 


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