RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ David and Annie Struggle Financially!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? took off last night, updating fans on the latest drama surrounding six K-1 VISA couples.

Jorge and Anfisa

The episode kicks off in grand fashion — with Jorge scarfing a burger on a bed. TLC rewinds Jorge and Anfisa’s rollercoaster love story, Jorge adding that he sure can attract the crazies. Anfisa is needy, especially when she knows that she’s been sold a bill of goods. Jorge doesn’t have his crap together, and that’s been a deal breaker, inviting lots of screeching and a few thrown punches. Jorge and Anfisa are now kaput, and Jorge admits that he’s out for revenge, when TLC picks up their story, a month after their split. Anfisa weighs in, reminding viewers that Jorge crossed the line when he called her a prostitute on national TV.

Anfisa has been hustling to support herself, claiming that product promos are paying the bills. We later watch Jorge and his sis, Lourdes, meet with lawyers about the logistics of filing for a divorce. The pros believe that the brevity of their marriage might affect Anfisa’s green card status. Lourdes chimes in, declaring that she’s on board to shove her bro through the process, especially if she can repossess Anfisa’s jewelry and bags. The lawyers note that Jorge looks more relaxed, but he assures us all that he’s seething with resentment. Jorge later meets with pal, Ramon, who’s still reeling from the Tell-All ho-bomb. Jorge admits that he’s a sketchy liar — proving Anfisa’s analysis correct. Ramon dishes that Anfisa might be dipping her toe into web-porn, and reminds Jorge that lots of people believe that his wife is a cheap hooker. 

Chantel and Pedro

TLC catches up with Chantel and Pedro, the couple legally wed for almost two years. Chantel and Pedro’s families don’t get along, because his clan doesn’t like “stupid Americans,” and Chantel doesn’t care for bitch-ass-slut-ass-whores. The couple hasn’t been able to save money, partially because Pedro supports his Dominican family. Pedro’s clan has been demanding a TV, so Pedro gives mailing one a shot. Pedro feels responsible for his mom and sis, but Chantel believes that they’re nasty money grubbers. Pedro is sending wads of cash home, and Chantel doesn’t understand why she doesn’t come before his mooching sister and mother.

Pedro calls home, and explains that the TV was too pricey to mail, promising to send along a bonus wad, if they’ll do their own electronics shopping. He agrees that his in-laws are the worst, but because Chantel’s Spanish ear is improving, she busts him for gossiping about her family, and their dicey visit to the D.R.

Nicole and Azan

TLC rewinds Nicole and Azan’s messy story, including Azan’s refusal to appear, via phone, on the Tell-All episode. Nicole still believes that Azan cares about her, despite his ongoing disinterest, and occasional disgust. Azan is gearing up for his visa interview, and Nicole’s skeptical friend, Jessica, is introduced, to ask all of the tough questions. The day of the interview dawns, and Nicole celebrates by babbling like a sluggish, delusional middle-schooler. Nicole’s mom remains skeptical, and they both wonder, once again, if they will even hear from Azan again. The day wears on, and Nicole becomes whinier than her toddler — who’s still being brainwashed to believe that Azan is her “daddy.” Nicole begins to lose it, and is OVER the waaaiiiiting — at least until Azan tosses her some attention. Azan finally checks in — but the connection is lost, before we hear the news.

Molly and Luis

Molly narrates her cringeworthy love story, reminding us all of what it’s like to be a mother who puts a fling with a bartender before her children. Luis, however, “didn’t understand” his role as a stepfather, and didn’t really care to learn. Luis didn’t like living in Homegoods idolatry, but by the time he realized it, he had already tied the knot. Luis hit the bricks, but Molly begged him back, so he’s ready for another go-round. Luis can’t work, so Molly hopes that he can pull it together, and be a decent babysitter. Luis chokes out a lukewarm apology to Molly’s girls, and Olivia assumes the parental role, pointing out that his actions don’t match his words. Olivia is worried about her little sis, and Kensley is clearly discouraged. Luis uses the sensitive moment to shade the child as annoying, while Olivia continues to communicate her concerns directly to her icky stepfather. Luis labels the girls “disrespectful” in a confessional spot, assuring the audience that he’s ready to run, if this whole parenting  thing goes south. 

Russ and Pao

Perhaps the snooziest TLC couple, Pao and Russ are reintroduced next. Pao is a model/actress in Miami, and Russ followed her there, like a panting Oklahoma puppy. Russ isn’t thrilled that his wife struts around like a trollop, but Pao refuses to be slut-shamed. We hear that Pao’s friend, Juan, has been invited back, to stir up trouble. Pao later learns that her grandmother’s health is failing, her battle with cancer nearing the end. Grandma wants to meet Russ, so it’s decided that the couple will go to Colombia for a deathbed visit. Pao expects her family to hold resentment for her abandoning them, for life in America.

David and Annie

David’s pricey Thailand groom experience is revisited, after we see the couple hawking some brassy gold in a pawn shop. David’s still broke, and his pal, Chris, has cut him off. It’s been two months since the wedding, and David is still unemployed. The couple is living in a firehouse owned by Chris, and David’s shocked when he’s hit with a real-life lease and a real-life rent requirement. David labels the demands, not his reaction, “crazy.”

The season looks deliciously messy — so buckle up! 


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