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#RHOP Star Monique Samuels’ EXPLODES On Ashley Darby For Exposing Her Drinking Problem!

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Monique Samuels is defending herself over accusations of alcoholism after Ashley Darby, claimed she had four drinks before crashing her car. Ashley alleged that Monique downed at least four martinis before driving away from an afternoon lunch — while Monique claimed sobriety, after indulging in two cocktails. 

CLICK: Monique Samuels Unleashes After #RHOP Fans Blast Reality Star’s Name-Dropping & Bragging!

When The Real Housewives of Potomac found out the news that Monique had gotten into a car accident right before their visit to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania, speculation arose about the cause of the accident — did Monique innocently “fall asleep,” causing her car to veer off the road — or did she get behind the wheel intoxicated?

CLICK: Monique Samuels Unleashes After #RHOP Fans Blast Reality Star’s Name-Dropping & Bragging!

All the irresponsible drunk driver speculation drives Monique into a rage on Sunday night’s all-new episode of  The Real Housewives of Potomac, and she gets into a heated fight with Ashley.

“I didn’t appreciate when you would basically go behind my back and start saying something that wasn’t true which was the whole four drink thing and then the night I got into the accident, I texted you. You didn’t show any concern then.” Monique aggressively tells Ashley.

“Because I thought you would take offense to that…that’s why I didn’t insinuate that.” Ashley responds.

“I wouldn’t take offense to you going behind my back and saying something.” Monique claps back.

All hell breaks loose and Monique calls the entire cast “bottom behind tricks.” Watch their fight unfold in the clip below.

Do you think Monique Samuels has a drinking problem? Sound off in the comments, and watch The Real Housewives of Potomac, Sunday nights, on Bravo.


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