#RHONY RECAP: Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Carole Radziwill For Being A Puppet!

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Everything is copacetic once again on The Real Housewives of New York City! By the end of this episode, attitudes and entitlements will be set aside, and the ladies will all be friends…for a smidge.

Bethenny and Dorinda arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in good spirits. Their talk on the G5 really hit home with Dorinda, and she may or may not make changes in her life. They are ready to hand out the $125K in gift cards, along with 20 other volunteers, to the Puerto Ricans who desperately need the help. It’s been 68 days since Hurricane Maria, but you’d think it was just last week. Dorinda is baffled why things aren’t getting better here. Bethenny tells Dorinda she’s glad she came along to see all the wonderful things she’s doing.

Up next we check in with Ramona who has tricked Sonja into leaving Manhattan in a limo to shop in Great Neck. Sonja is not happy about leaving the hood, but wants to give Ramona the opportunity to apologize. Ramona spends the entire day at Steven Dann, kissing Sonja’s ass, telling her she wishes she were a lesbian, and that Sonja has a fab ass.

Next we are with Luann as she meets with Ben the cabaret director. According to Lu, she runs toward things that scare her, especially if that’s Liza Minelli. Ben wants to work with Luann because although she’s had many, many failures, including falling down drunk, she’s always gotten back up. Ben asks Luann to sing Happy Birthday, and as expected, she channels Marilyn Monroe’s breathy rendition. The good news is Ben says voice doesn’t matter.

Back in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the sun has set and it’s very dark. The volunteers intrude on a family’s home and for that they receive $900 in gift cards. Dorinda is freaking out because animals could come in at night when you don’t have a working door or a roof or walls. The translator tells Bethenny they are the first to come and visit the village. Dorinda say she never again wants to hear someone say they can’t do something. She’s been temporarily transformed.

The ladies are back in NYC, meeting for dinner. Dorinda is hungover sick and can’t make it, so Puerto Rico is not discussed even though Bethenny is there. Sonja arrives and once again is banished to the end of the table. Sonja tells Bethenny she went out with her friend from Albany and thinks he’s fabulous. At the other end of the table, mean girls Tinsley and Carole are making fun of Sonja because whatever happened to poor Rocco and Frenchie.

Bethenny is irritated that Sonja is being iced out. Bethenny confronts Tinsley and tells her when she was at the bottom, Sonja helped her up. And Tinsley agrees, but Carole jumps in and clarifies Tinsley was emotionally at the bottom, like that makes a freaking difference. The women are all yelling, partly because it’s a loud restaurant, but the fight is really between Carole and Bethenny. Bethenny accuses Carole of having no voice of her own and only able to take on other people’s causes. Carole steals an old line from Bethenny and tells her to get off her jock.

Later that week, Carole is visiting the offices of Cosmo. The concept is Carole will write a one-page monthly article “On My Mind” about what is on her mind – which will be a challenge. Carole hasn’t written in a few years. She plans to begin with her #metoo story about a director who wanted her to “rub her nipples for 30 seconds” so he could get off – in 30 seconds? #majorloser. Carole is asked about deadlines and admits she sucks at them.

Up next, Bethenny and Dorinda meet for lunch. Dorinda says she has a new lease on life now that her mind has quieted and only hears one echo. Bethenny tells Dorinda about the dinner the other night and how she stuck up for Sonja. Dorinda doesn’t really care, and instead shoves pizza into her mouth, but we learn something very important – the root of the problem between Bethenny and Carole. Dun-dun-duuhn!

Here’s what happened. After Hurricane Harvey, Bethenny asked Adam to go to Houston to document the destruction. However, Adam wouldn’t/couldn’t do it without being compensated. This rubbed Bethenny the wrong way and she told Carole that Adam is an operator – without the smooth. This didn’t sit well with Carole. She defended Adam being an operator because that’s how people become successful, which sounds like a dig to me. Bethenny says it was at this moment she realized they have nothing in common. Carole isn’t married (neither is Bethenny), she doesn’t have a kid (she has dogs and cats) or a career (real housewife) or millions of dollars (got me there). It’s probably better that Carole and Tinsley hang out.

Over at Sonja’s house, Luann and Ramona stop by to help paint the furniture so Sonja can finally rent out her townhouse. The ladies put on white, paper hazmat suits to prepare. Ramona complains about a droopy crotch, and calls Luann, Luman, because her suit fits like a man’s glove. They talk about Tinsley and how ungrateful she is to Sonja, who gave her life. Ramona thinks Carole held her own at dinner, while Sonja just misses Tinsley.

We join the ladies for Carole’s friend Karen Duff’s book launch party for “Backbone” about her battle with chronic pain and living with purpose. She’s wearing a pain patch, but still rocking a billowy blouse. Ramona tells Carole she’s so excited that she finally has her own opinion, and by the way, Bethenny called you a puppet. Carole doesn’t believe this on account of she was at the same table and didn’t hear Bethenny say this. Ramona isn’t sure if the specific word “puppet” was used but claims it was something derogatory. Thanks for clearing that up.

When Bethenny arrives, Carole asks right away if she called her a puppet. Bethenny doesn’t think so, but admits she said a whole bunch of stuff and perhaps, pulling strings, were two of them. Ramona admits to having “interpreted” the word “puppet.”

Dorinda commandeers the book party to announce her murder/mystery dinner party next weekend in the Bazurk-shires. She wants everyone to be enthusiastic about it! Dorinda hands out envelopes so the ladies will know who they’ll be playing. Dorinda will be Tammy Temperance who is against drinking. So obviously she’s playing against type. The ladies are all excited about the 1920’s costume theme.

In an attempt to steal the limelight keep the good feelings going, Tinsley asks Sonja if they can talk for a sec. Tinsley wants to move forward. Sonja is so happy. It’s what she’s wanted all along. The two women hug it out and all is well in NY-land.

Across the room, Dorinda tells Luann she ran into Tom last night with some other tramp. And get this, Tom is throwing a New Year’s Eve party on the same boat he had his engagement party on. What a douche! Did he have a 2-for-1 coupon? New Year’s Eve is only weeks away. The train is literally on the track, revving it’s engine. Luann says she’s glad this drama is out of her life, but obviously those are infamous last words.

Tune in next week for the murder/mystery dinner party to see Bethenny and Carole’s friendship die.


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