EXCLUSIVE: “Hustle & Soul” Star Sana Kibz Spills TEA on The Pink Tea Cup Love Triangle!

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Sana Kibz is the sassy hostess and bar manager from WE tv’s hit series, Hustle & Soul.

The reality diva spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.com to set the record straight on the drama surrounding, The Pink Tea Cup.

A lot of fans are instantly curious after watching the show about how real the insane drama is — well, Sana is finally answering that question once and for all! “There’s nothing scripted,” Kibz tells AllAboutTheTea.com.

“We all work there. Whether the capacity is that you were just hired to work there while the show was running or you were already there prior to the show… everyone actually works there.”

She continues: “As far as storylines, I watch the show just as you guys do so I don’t even know what everyone else is filming until I see it on TV. Now, what I definitely can confirm is that the love triangles that you see in the restaurant are just as real as what you see on TV.”

Speaking of love triangles — The Pink Tea Cup owner/chef, Lawrence Page, is in a complicated relationship with two of his employees — Ana Lavender and Thandi. Ana is the General Manager and the mother of Lawrence’s son, while Thandi serves as the Floor Manager of The Pink Tea Cup. It was even implied this season that the three of them are actually in a polyamorous relationship. Seem complicated? It very much is!

“It’s confusing to me. A man was able to get two women to fall in love with him and they know about each other, and on the show the GM doesn’t like it, but does nothing to change it. They are yelling and screaming at each other for sleeping with the same man, but they don’t really react the way you would expect. What I really don’t understand is how those same girls come at me and some of the other women on the show and we’re not even interested in him. Like what’s the beef for? Besides, if you’re going to have a love triangle, by all means let the world know and don’t be afraid of it. But the fact that you girls are out here getting mad when someone else implies what you guys are showing the world is just completely mind-boggling to me.”

Sana, 28, explains the regular work dynamic in The Pink Tea Cup between the three love birds.

“I mean you can’t get anything past those two girls. They’re like a force field in front of Lawrence. If you try to talk to him on or off camera they have to be present… they’re really overprotective of him. As soon as I’m done with my shift, I’m out of there! I don’t stay, I don’t keke, I don’t get into anyone’s business off-camera… I just leave and go about my day. Cola seems to have a better relationship with them than I do. She stays around after her shift and mingles with them. I don’t even want there to be an inkling that I’m talking to Lawrence or I’m with him… I don’t want that at all! I’m always professional at any job that I have and I want to keep it that way.”

Was Sana really fired by Ana?

“That was all real… I don’t work there anymore. I wasn’t sure what would happen because I hadn’t seen them after that big fight at the pool party and didn’t attend the food competition or the restaurant opening. When we all came back from Miami, I came back the next day for my shift because I wasn’t told that I was fired over the phone, so I came ready to work. Then I was told that I was fired because I didn’t come to the Iron Fork competition… but nobody did! I personally feel like there were other motives behind that pink slip. I feel as though it’s because I’m vocal about how I feel working there, and I don’t sip on their kool-aid. I also think it’s because I give Ana a run for her money. She doesn’t like the fact that I’m another beautiful Black Queen surrounding her man… let’s be honest (and as you can see I’m not a hater.. I can give props). They just want to make it seem like I’m always late which is NOT true, and they try to act like they’re so perfect and they do everything for us, but that’s not the case either!”

Speaking of Miami, when will the long-awaited Pink Tea Cup Miami open up?

“I mean from what I saw online, they said something about it opening up this May but I don’t know. I won’t be there and I won’t be involved, but I read online that it’s gonna be opening up soon… but at this point I don’t know what’s real and what’s fake news.”

After two seasons of drama, scandal, and physical altercations — would Sana return for another season?

“Honestly, that’s a tough question for me to answer right now. I understand what reality TV can do for someone’s life. I have witnessed a lot of people go from zero to hero with reality television, but what I do not support and will NEVER support is physical violence. This show has become very violent for no reason. I understand there will be drama, and people will have issues, but wheat I don’t like is physically harming someone to get more camera time. This is supposed to be fun and entertaining, not harmful and violent.”

She continues: “The fact that people are fighting for NO reason… makes me feel vulnerable and uncertain of how violent things can get. I literally watched someone jump over a bar to fight, and pick up a rock in Miami to bash someone’s head. Like geez… all that for ratings? Chill OUT!! Nobody wants to go into a working environment where everything they say may be an attack. I personally don’t want to be on TV fighting women for a check. Some people don’t care and that’s good for them, however I don’t think it sets a good example for black/multicultural women. So to answer your question, I personally can’t answer that right now but I do hope they change their violent ways for season 3 if they are given that platform.”

Reality television can really put a damper on friendships on and off camera. Fortunately, Sana told us that she’s still very close with Candice, but does she still talk to anyone else from the Pink Tea Cup crew?

“I talk to a few other castmates here and there. After the whole situation in Miami, some of us became a little closer, but you never really know with reality TV friendships. Here today, and gone tomorrow. I am very aware that everyone is out for their best interest and I just have to keep that in mind when doing any type of reality TV show. I’ll always put my best interest at heart.”

Hustle & Soul may be over for now, but you can always keep up with Sana on social media @SanaKibz!


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