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#RHONY Carole Radziwill Crushes Bethenny Frankel’s BIG Ego & Slams Her Self-Serving Puerto Rico Charity Work!

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Bethenny Frankel’s Bravo-captured outreach to Puerto Rico continued on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

As the simultaneous breakdown of the friendship between Bethenny and Carole Radziwill plays out, Carole is speaking out, via her Bravo blog.

Bethenny sniped at Carole’s ex, Adam Kenworthy, during the episode, nastily judging his refusal to donate time to her relief effort/storyline. She also shaded Carole’s awareness level, and labeled her career non-existent.   

Carole’s scathingly scrumptious blog rips Bethenny’s comments to shreds — “writer girl” having her say, in the wake of Bethenny’s cutting remarks. 

Carole reveals that Bethenny called Adam behind her back, to accompany her on the Houston relief mission — before offering personal insight on how she views Bethenny’s reaction to the disaster aftermath, in Puerto Rico.

“I’m glad to see my friend Bethenny step outside her affluent bubble, with her stream of rich boyfriends, rich friends with private planes, million dollar homes, and five-star resort vacations. One gets the impression this is the first time she’s witnessed real poverty. It can be life-changing. I know it was for me, many years ago when I first covered tragedies as a journalist. The shock of having, then losing, one’s home and all its possessions (and having the guts and dignity to soldier on) is awe-inspiring. It is partly why I quietly give money to charities and political campaigns I believe will make a difference in the world.”

Carole calls out Bethenny’s unkind remarks about the cast, and points to a manipulative dynamic, in how her co-star is relating to Dorinda Medley.

“At lunch Dorinda is being verbally water-boarded, (that’s what we all call it). Bethenny does this often, you’ve all seen it: her uninterruptable talk pattern that leaves her victims helplessly nodding in agreement. Sonja does this too which may be why these two are attached at the hip now. Dorinda is being used as a pawn to further Bethenny’s agenda and she doesn’t quite know it — yet.”  

Carole rakes Bethenny’s claim that she maintains no professional life, verbally spanking the career reality star/ Skinnygirl mogul hard.

“All I’ll say about the latest bunch of insults, including the bizarre claim that I don’t have a career, is this: I will put my resume up against Bethenny Frankel’s any day of the week. When Bethenny was auditioning for B movies, I was traveling for ABC News to places similar to what you saw in Puerto Rico. After that I worked in publishing and wrote for national magazines, and now yes, I am on Reality TV. The irony isn’t lost on me that while Bethenny is gossiping about me over pizza with Dorinda, I’m working.” 

“The entirety of Bethenny’s career, other than some minor success she had as a caterer, has been in Reality TV. From Apprentice to Housewives and all that it has brought her — including launching her Skinnygirl business — Reality TV has been very good to her. She worked hard, and I’m glad to see she is giving back.”

Carole slams Bethenny for being “biting and self-righteous” — and for  insulting the careers of other women. She then launches a rundown of Adam’s under-the-radar charity efforts — contrasting his work to Bethenny’s splashy approach. 

“Unlike Bethenny, Adam was 23 and dead broke when he created and ran an actual licensed charity. A not-for-profit that helped sustain a small farming community in Nicaragua. He fundraised and took money from his rent budget in order to keep the charity afloat. No five-star hotels, camera crews, or privates planes to jet in and out of disaster zones, but still he managed to do this and so much more. Two years ago, Adam was in Africa making a film for a not-for-profit children’s hospital. For free. This year he got straight off a red-eye from SanFran, ran the marathon in four hours, and raised $3,200 for North Shore Animal League.”

Carole explains why Adam responded as he did, when Bethenny secretly  asked him to volunteer his time, during the Hurricane Harvey disaster.

“When Harvey hit last summer, Bethenny was partying in Ibiza, I was taking care of a friend whose husband had passed away, and Adam was working hard commuting three hours between clients each day. So, no, Adam couldn’t go to Houston at Bethenny’s whim. He is building his business, and he has to hustle — you’d think if anyone would understand that it’s Bethenny. How quickly she forgets the struggle. He suggested switching one client’s day but couldn’t afford to lose his day rate — certainly not to take pictures of Bethenny to post on her social media. So off she went to Houston with a professional paid photographer in tow to take pictures of her and the endless selfies she allegedly disdains. Yes, that makes everyone I know chuckle too.” 

Carole keeps the comeback ball rolling — pointing out that her filmed support of a friend’s accomplishment was a foreign concept in Bethenny’s world.

“And yes, I support my friends, much like I did last season when my pal Linda Mason had an art gallery opening, and before that when my friend had a baby on her own. I celebrate my friend’s accomplishments. Because this is the way you support friends — by showing up. This concept, of celebrating others accomplishments, is a foreign one to Bethenny. In the 10 years she’s been on television has anyone seen her promoting a friend, especially one on the show? She barely shows up to support the friends on the show with her. She should consider changing her tagline from it’s more important to bStrong to it’s more important to bNice. Because if mocking, insulting, and shaming her friends is a sign of strength, she can keep it.”

Carole wraps the penned lashing with a snarky warning — adding that while she’s still Team B Strong — Bethenny’s ego needs to take several seats. 

What do you think of Carole’s brutal beatdown? Sound off in the comments, and watch The Real Housewives of New York, Wednesday nights, on Bravo.


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